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Spanish language

Posted by Lengorio, on 8th May 2016, 09:53 PM
I want to inform everyone that since few days ago Original-war.net and forum apart from being in Polish, Czech, English, French and Russian, is translated completely in Spanish.


With our website in Spanish, people who speak this language can find things what they want easier and hopefully, some people will join our community of OW and we will be more than before!

I will translate other things!

OW Dedicated Servers v2

Posted by Antitheus, on 19th December 2015, 10:37 AM
From today you may play on our dedicated 24/7 servers, which are hosted thanks to Gothuk's kindness. You may choose from four different settings (servers marked as [OWN]):
- Highlands
- Party
- Flags
- Alien Base (CB)

To battle!

OW Dedicated Servers

Posted by Antitheus, on 16th December 2015, 02:01 PM
GGChyba is hosting dedicated servers for you. They should be available for about 10h per day. You may choose between different maps and rules. Also, this action may be supported by other players.
So, enter the multiplayer lobby and play!
If you're eager to arranging your match, you may find players on:
- our FB group
- our forums
- our Steam group
- OW Multiplayer group (newly created)

Feel free to join our Teamspeak 3 24/7 server: original-war.net!

Patch released!

Posted by Antitheus, on 1st December 2015, 05:49 PM
Stucuk said:

Original War has been released.

Added: Make it so mods can change Gallery parts and add new ones (Issue #116)
Added: Add ability to customize SAIL Syntax Highlighting (Issue #120)
Added: When creating new Unit re-use old slots (Issue #130)
Added: Error Log Tick (Issue #149)
Added: Steam Workshop Support (Issue #189)
Bug Fix: Am08 (Issue #6)
Bug Fix: problemy z intrem Ru (Issue #94)
Bug Fix: Am10_cont (Issue #100)
Bug Fix: Ru02 (Issue #103)
Bug Fix: Multiplayer maps (Issue #105)
Bug Fix: Alt tabbing ogl (Issue #106)
Bug Fix: OWOGL re-loads some textures before drawing each frame (Issue #113)
Bug Fix: GrndSec throws error about multiple OW's (Issue #115)
Bug Fix: Clicking on Minimap using OpenGL Renderer doesn't work (Issue #117)
Bug Fix: OW Editor Leaks memory when using Raise/Lower Hex (Issue #118)
Bug Fix: Contaminating scientist (Issue #122)
Bug Fix: Putting driver into sleep with soporific ammunition (Issue #126)
Bug Fix: Invalid Hint Types set in Custom Maps do not show correct image (OGL) (Issue #137)
Bug Fix: OW Editor allows users to create files with non-standard ASCII characters (Issue #145)
Bug Fix: Shift+Exit vehicle bug (Issue #159)
Bug Fix: Am13 (Issue #167)
Bug Fix: Am02 (Issue #168)
Bug Fix: Ru08 (Issue #177)
Bug Fix: Too many Anim Layers (Issue #190)
Bug Fix: Too many Lasers (Issue #191)
Bug Fix: Editor does not display GBI when first imported (Issue #193)
Bug Fix: Arabian Layout bug (Issue #194)
Bug Fix: Am06 - Fixed minor misspelling.
Bug Fix: Am15 - Laggy behaviour was reported
Bug Fix: Ru09 - Fixed minor dialogue error (dialogue string was misspelled)
Changed: Am05 (Issue #45)
Changed: Ru15a + Am15a (Issue #156)
Changed: Ru15a + Am15a (Issue #157)
Changed: Ru15a + Am15a (Issue #158)
Improved: Implement AVI Videos in OpenGL Renderer (Issue #92)
Improved: Points of Siberit detection and shipments on minimap (Issue #128)
Improved: Modify Server to Pause Game when a client requests more than 1 second worth of Ticks (Issue #151)
Improved: Make Randomize SAIL functions unusable in Multiplayer Maps (Issue #160)
Improved: Hide "Include"-section in SAIL editor (Issue #169)
Improved: Increase max environment objects from 1500 to 5000 (Issue #181)
Improved: Make reg_obj2 a dynamic array (Issue #182)

Note: Steam Workshop support requires Bohemia to enable it on their end (Currently only people in the OwarWSGroup can use the workshop).

Spanish language

Posted by zoNE, on 8th July 2015, 11:16 PM
As of today the Original-war.net website and forum is going to be served in English, Polish, Czech, French, Russian and SPANISH.


Although the only parts of the website that are currently translated are the interface, we will be working on bringing you as many articles of OW.net as possible in Spanish in addition to their English and Polish versions.

All thanks to Lengorio.

New Features - Regional sections

Posted by zoNE, on 9th June 2015, 10:01 PM
As you may know, OWN staff is working on improving our services for a multi-language community. After today's update you may hide regional sections, so - as we hope - using of forum.original-war.net would be more comfortable for you. Happy posting.


Original War: The Best PC Strategy Game [GAMEPLAY TRAILER]

Posted by zoNE, on 14th May 2015, 10:42 PM
Like, share and subscribe! :)

English dubbing and subtitles:

Polish dubbing and english subtitles:

French dubbing and english subtitles:

Czech dubbing and english subtitles:

Spanish dubbing and english subtitles:

German dubbing and english subtitles:

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