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Multiplayer settings

Players and teams

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You can find here basic settings for players:

  • team
  • side's color
  • nation
  • position of base
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UPDATE - Patch 1.07.2:

Since 1.07.2 you can customise face of your commander. You can change its sex, neck, nose etc. and add glasses. You can click "Random face" if you don't want to customize it.

Map and game options

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Options here differ from map to map. But usually you will see some of these:

  • Base level - how expanded your base is
  • Amount of people - how many people you get at the beginning
  • Skill level - how experienced your people will be
  • Starting resources - how many resources (crates, oil, sib) you get at the beginning
  • Shipments density - how often new creates arrive on the map
  • Shared vision - if set to true, people from the same team can see each other on the map
  • People respawning - if set to true, new people arrive during the game
  • Amount of apemen - how many apemen appear on the map
  • Siberite bomb - if set to allowed, players can build it
  • Build up time - defines amount of time players have to safely build their bases (during it it's impossible to exit base)

Map and game selection

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You can choose map and its type here. Maps and their types are described in another article.

Other servers

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From here you can choose another server and list players connected to it.

Kick player

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If you are a host, you can list players currently connected to you and kick them.


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(available since 1.07.2)

Here you can choose to play this game as ranked. You will need to login for that.


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There are two possibilities.

  1. If it's your room, wait until all players select "I'm ready" and click "Start game".

  2. If it's not your room, select "I'm ready" and wait for other players and host to start the game.

Author: zoNE
Translated by: Radzio
» Index > Multiplayer > Multiplayer settings
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