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Old Types of Game

I decide to describe few game modes that are difrent then normal cw games (clan war). They are the ways for spending time in game invented by players who plays "Original War" game. (Warrning!: name of modes (own named), are from texts that make the games modes.)

1. Arabia war.:

Description: We play arabian here, main pressure here is on arabion scientists, ther role is to collect as much as they can main resourse syberit (called alaskit too) and pollute as much as it possible enemy syberit source. Game last through (choose before start) time, the winner is a player who will collect moust of syberit sources (all sources on all over the map can be used, marked by player colour - these with syberit mine).
Persone nationality: - Arabian
Aloud: - attacks on enemy
- killing enemy units
- destroing enemy mines
- polluting eremy sources
Not aloud: - attacking eremy main base

2. War!!!:

Description: In this mode we have to create as moust as we can armed vehicles, for example. Heavy cannon or rocket luncher. All rules are normal but you can`t attack enemy and you can`t attack anywhere exept center of the map. During game we decide with enemy the moment for attack and then we can attack enemy vehicles with all your mobile vehicles in center of the map . The winner is the persone who will hold out moust of attacks.
Persone nationality: - wszystkie
Dozwolone: - tworzenie pojazdów bojowych (czyt. uzbrojonych)
- atakowanie przeciwnika na środku mapy
Zabronione: - atakowanie przeciwnika, w jego bazie, lub w innych miejscach mapy, niż jej środek.


Description: Here we can play Americans or Russians. Our aim is to build second base (it will be good if you build that base in long distance from youre first base). In first base we build factory, and upgrades for building remoute control transporters. Our task is to drive youre transporters to second base (all convoy should have minerale like boxes, oil or syberit), good move is to secure convoy with armed vehicles. Enemy task is to capture our convoy (Warrning! We can`t destroy transporters but we have to only capture minerals). Game ends after time that we settle before, for example 10 minutes, so after 10 minutes thre will be side change. That player win who captures the high number of transproters.
Persone nationality: - all Aloud: - building and number of bases
- building defence
- attacking all of youre units
- destroing enemy units
Not aloud: - attacking enemy base
- building transporter with control other than remoute control

4. First one is the best.:

Description: Here can play any numer of players, before start you have to chore one plater that whont be active player in game he will only make remoute control vehicles, equipted with syberit bomb, and hide it in some place, so no one whont notice it (number of bombs builded and hided any number you whant can be 5, 10 or even 20) Playing game bomb constructer should inform that he hid bomb, then other players search for those bombs and they can fight between themselve. Warrning! It`s aloud to attack that player who builds bombs, byt those attack shouldnt be often and strong, and you cant attack with syberyt rockets.
Persone nationality: - bomb buildier can choose Americans or Russians
- for other players any nation they whant
Aloud: - building any numer of bases
- destroing enemy exept player who builds bombs
- using found syberit bombs, to attack enemy bases
Not aloud: - non-stop attacking player who builds bombs
- attacking with syberit bombs player who build them
- searching using and attacking syberit bombs before player who builds them whont inform you that you can do those things

5. Countries.:

Description: In this mode you can see new viev playing multiplayer game in "Oryginal War", because this game changes from strategy to economy game. Becouse in this mode you can make service offert. Its abort selling and buing sevices, like buing minerals (boxes, oil, syberit) buing ally, attacks on enemy, and so on. Its aloud to attack enemy, making ally, and make military power.
Persone nationality: - all Aloud: - attacking enemy
- selling
- buing
- run licence
Not aloud: - no info

6. Seeking in darkness.:

Description: At the beginning we decide who will be the "game master" (persone who starts everything), he have to make some vehicles (its good to make ae much as he can and thous vehicles should be remoute control), then he should hide them somewhere on the map. Other players have hard job, because they have to destroy enemys, but its not so easy coz, "game master" can build what he whants - that is magazine, oil rafinery, laboratory (but not builded up), armory and bunkers (only basic). So players have to seek for vehicles hided by "game master" and use them to destroy enemys.
Persone nationality: - all Aloud: - using founded vehicles and attacking enemy
- game master can build what he whant
Not aloud: - players (exept game master) cant build others buildings exept basic buildings: magazine, oil rafinery, laboratory (not build up), armory and bunkers (basic)

7. Oil party.:

Description: Ist game with blockers so player can do what he usualy do but with some blockers. In simlpe words he have to build buildings, vehicles and so on., runs only on oil power, (vehicles on oil, oil rafinery)., its forbiden to use other energy source then oil, (for example. syberyt, sun). The moust important thing in this mode is not to build tehnology but only to use mass attack!
Persone nationality: - all Aloud: - non stop attacking enemy
Not aloude: - using other energy sources then oil 

8. Sielanka.:

Description: another economy mode. At the begining we have to decide what kind od industrial we want to be, and in geme we service to other players. Warrning! Its not aloud to build and defence buildings, vehicles and wepons.
Persone nationality: - all Aloud: - buing
- Seling
- making service
Not aloud: - building defence
- building vehicles with wepon
- attacking enemy

9. Speed.:

Description: In this mode we can build syberyt bomb. You should destroy enemy bombs before they uses them. We can do this in many whays, for example attack enemy before he will attack you or just destroy his base.
Persone nationality: - all Aloud: - all Not aloud: - no info

10. Cold war.:

Description: In this mode you shouldn explore map because if enemy will see you then he can attack you. Warrning! Its not aloud to attack by syderyt bomb is enemy dodnt notice it.
Persone nationality: - All Aloud: - attack enemy
- building everything
Not aloud: - attacking eremy with syberit bomb if he didnt notice it That's all 
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