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Original War FAQ

What kind of game is "Original War"?
OW is a RTS with RPG elements incorporated into the main design.

How many CDs is "Original War" on?
The game is shipped on 2 CDs.

My computer automatically restarts whenever I launch the game. What's happening?
Your video card drivers might be out of date, or your computer hardware might be failing. Seeking professional assistance is advised.

How to change the ingame screen resolution?
Run file "owar.exe" located in the game directory, than choose the "configuration" option for a set of selections.
If the game does not support your native resolution in the config prompt, you can experiment with forcing Original War into your resolution by command line parameters. Creating a new "owar.exe" shortcut, and adding "CustomRes 1280 800" to the command line is the way to do it. Note that this option only works in patch 1.09 or newer.

Does Original War have cheat codes?
No, they have been removed from the game.

Here is a list of excluded codes:


How to run OW in multiplayer mode?
There are many ways:

  1. Using Gamespy Arcade.
  2. Using LAN (1 person in your web creates a multiplayer game which you connect to by choosing that persons server from the multiplayer mode list).
  3. Using Hamachi.
  4. Using a direct connect option (available only from 1.05 patch or newer).
  5. Selecting one of Master Server servers in multiplayer game mode (patch 1.09 or newer). More information about this mode in the Master Server guide.

Will there ever be an "Original War 2"?
Chances are very low that this will ever happen. However, development of Original War itself continues thanks to community support.

Is Altar still developing patches for Original War?
No, the game developers dropped support for Original War a few years ago. However, Altar Games has granted the source code to long time community member Stucuk (Original War Support) who now maintains the game code.

How do I run mods in Original War?
It is possible only in 1.03 patch (or newer). The downloaded mod must be copied into its own director in the "mods" directory, which is in the folder where the game is installed. Once the mod is in that directory, use "ModLauncher.exe" to play.

General FAQ

1. Registration.

Registration process on our website is fast and easy. Just click on "Register" button in upper right corner of the site and fill all the forms. Make sure to put your real data, otherwise the account will be banned by administration.

After the registration process, an e-mail with activation link will be sent to you. In order to activate your account, you have to read the message and click on the link.

2. I haven't received any e-mail with activation link. What should I do?

If you haven't received any e-mail with activation link, please check your spambox. Also, make sure you put the correct e-mail address during the registration.

If you're sure the address you put during registration is correct and e-mail isn't in spambox, then click on "Resend auth e-mail" button in upper right corner of the site.

If you still cannot receive any e-mails, please contact the administration. Visit "Site credits", available here:

3. I lost my password. What should I do?

If you lost your account password, click on "Lost password?" near the registration button. You will be asked to put the e-mail addres on which your account was registered. A new password will be send to you within a few minutes.

If that doesn't help, please contact the administration. Visit "Site credits available here:

4. Forum.

If you'd like to create an account on our forum, we strongly recommend to read the Terms of Use first.

You can find them here:

Please take them seriously and read everything to avoid any troubles in future.

5. New patches. Where can I find them?

Newest patches are always available in our Download section and are listed on main page in the "Newest patch" box.

You can also visit the official support website here: http://owsupport.com

6. List of clans' websites. Where can I post my clan website's link?

If you're a leader of a clan or its member and you'd like to share with us your clan's website, you can do this via our forum in this thread:

7. Where can I buy a new copy of Original War?

You can buy a CD version of the game only on auction services, such as Allegro or eBay.

However, you may purchase a digital version that contains the newest patch on sprocketidea.com for €9.99 or gog.com for $5.99. You can check "BUY THE GAME" section on the main page to see the internet stores that are currently selling Original War.

8. Rules. I'm new and I don't know any rules of multiplayer matches, where can I find them?

The list of official rules is available in Menu on the right side of the website. Just click on "Match settings":

Besides, all the rules are posted in their individual threads in "Multiplayer Gaming" on the forum .

You can always look at the rules made up by anyone in "Types of game" section, available here:

Remember that the rules posted there are unofficial and are not used during regular matches.

9. Files related to the game. Where can I download modifications or other files related to the game?

All the files related to the game, including Mods, Datadisk, additional software, video files, demo version etc., are available in Download section.

10. Master Server - what is it?

Master Server was first introduced in patch 1.09. It's a system that enables players to host games or join the existing ones using the website http://master.owsupport.com/ (of course rooms created in game are also visible on the list.).

For more information, please read "Master Server - what is it?" available here:

11. Where can I find more information about the game?

There are many articles in different sections on the website that explain more about Original War. You can find them by clicking on "Articles" or here:

We strongly recommend that to new players:

12. What is the Multiplayer Ranking?

It is a rank system of players and registered clans. It enables to see what players and clans are the best.

13. Where can I find information about modding (modyfing the game)?

All the informations related to modding (modyfing the game) can be found at our forum in "Modding, Patches & Game Bugs" section. If you have any problems with mods or don't know how to use some functions, please follow the steps below:

  1. check in "Modding Archive" section if the code/command/function that you're looking for is posted there. The section is available here:
  2. Use Search engine to see if your question has been already answered in any of the existing topics.
  3. Look at the modding tutorials available on our website:
    • Editor Tutorial by zoNE - you can find all the basic stuff about how to use the editor.
    • SAIL Functions - list of SAIL functions.
  4. If you still cannot find the information that you need, please visit the Tutorial section on Original War's WIKI page:
  5. If you followed all the steps above and still can't find the answers, you may ask for help in "Modding, Patches & Game Bugs" section on the forum.
14. Where can I find sample codes and SAIL functions that I could use in my mod?

All sample codes are available on the forum in "Modding Archive" section:

15. Clan wars. Where can I find some information about clan wars?

If a problematic situation occurs during a war between two clans and you would like to talk about it with other players, please visit the "Multiplayer Gaming" section.

16. I have a problem with the game. Where can I get any help?

If you have a general problem with the game, post it in "General Discussion" section on the forum:

If you have a problem with multiplayer mode, post it in "Multiplayer Gaming" section on the forum:

If you have a problem with patches, bugs or modding, post it in "Modding, Patches & Game Bugs" section on the forum:

17. I found an error/bug after installing the latest patch, where can I report that?

Errors and bugs related to the game/patches should be reported in "Zgłaszanie błędów w grze!" topic in "Modding, Patches & Game Bugs" section on the forum or here:

The bugs will be then reported to Original War Support.

You can also report them directly on Original War Support Forums:http://forum.owsupport.com/

18. Copyright.

This website, including text, trademarks, images and other things are copyrighted and it is prohibited to copy, modify or share them without a permission of our staff.

You can read more about this in "Licensing" section:

19. Advertising/Support.

If you like our website and would like to advertise it, please visit the "Advertising" section:

Author: zoNE | Translation: Guru996 & zoNE
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