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Welcome to the new original-war.net website

Posted by YuriStriatov, on 9th August 2010, 01:22 AM
It's about time. After many problems and server changes the website is finally online as it should be. It took us a while, but the end result is what matters... as well as the fact that this is only the beginning.

What's new on the website
The long promised new website engine has been created, and has allowed us to launch a multi-lingual version of the site. For now it's only the polish and english versions, but in the future it's very much possible to add more languages to the list. We have also merged with two prominent polish Original War websites (Akademia OW and OW Spot) in order to bring closer together the entire polish Original War scene. It brings me great pleasure to welcome among the admin team Gothuk, Sebek and Ph3nom.

What can we expect
The future will bring both new ideas and the completion of old projects. Above all a functioning multiplayer ranking, which is currently being worked on by the team, will be released in a beta version to the public soon. New tournaments and mods will still be created, along with proper tutorials detailing how to create an Original War mod from scratch. A comprehensive list of all mods along with their progress charts and descriptions is also being worked on.

All this and more will be featured on the website in the near future, by the scene for the scene. All that is left for you to do is wait, or perhaps help.

Feel free to contribute to the discussion on the forum.

Original War Encyclopaedia
And now you can download the new version of Original War Encyclopaedia.

Full Version
Lite Version

Update: All problems with logging onto the forums will be fixed by emptying your browser cache and cookies.
If you don't know how do it click this link.
Forum accounts are not linked to the website accounts, so trying to log on the website with your forum details will not work. Account registration on the website is currently disabled pending multiplayer ranking beta release.
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