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OW Community News

Patch 1.12.2

Posted by Radzio, on 28th October 2011, 06:55 PM
Patch 1.12.2 has been released. See here for downloads and full changelog.

1.12.0 Beta Test - 3 October 2011

Posted by Gothuk, on 3rd October 2011, 08:56 PM
New beta version has been released. See Here for more information.

  • Added: New parameter 'BORDER'
  • Added: New parameter 'WINDOWEX'
  • Bug Fix: Multiplayer map fixes (Party, Bastard Pass)
  • Bug Fix: Spectators no longer increase Sync Lost's
  • Bug Fix: Editor no longer crashes when it comes back from fullscreen mode
  • Bug Fix: Apeman engineering Leveling
  • Bug Fix: Profession level text not updating
  • Bug Fix: Remote vehicles no longer stuck linked to mechanics when destroyed
  • Bug Fix: Upgrade bonuses now display correct information
  • Bug Fix: Task queues fixed
  • Bug Fix: Animals can no longer help build
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Remote charges
  • Bug Fix: Self-destruction of remote vehicles fixed
  • Bug Fix: Quick dismantlement of buildings fixed
  • Bug Fix: Sniper/mortar/bazooka massive damage attack fixed
  • Bug Fix: Fixed sleeping people shooting
  • Bug Fix: Fixed unlimited range attacks while being in effective time lapser's range
  • Bug Fix: Fixed attacks on invisible units while being in effective time lapser's range
  • Bug Fix: Fixed soporific ammo attacks on invisible units
  • Bug Fix: Fixed gaining exp on sleeping people/apemen
  • Bug Fix: Fixed gaining exp on crates
  • Changed: Editor only creates'libarysources.txt' if needed
  • Changed: Charges can only be placed by Arabian soldiers
  • Changed: Buildings can be repaired only by human engineers, apeman engineers and cranes.

22th Aug 2011 - 1.11.2 Beta

Posted by stucuk, on 22nd August 2011, 01:55 AM
1.11.2 has been released. See Here for more information.


  • Latest Multiplayer Maps)
    • On Bloody Valley engineers start in depot now if it's placed (previously depended on armoury).
    • Build-up got a performance boost.
  • No longer freezes if you try to do a second multiplayer match
  • No longer crashes if OW tries to draw outside a maps bounds
  • Packets are now encrypted

Throwback - Version 6.0 Season VI Rebellion

Posted by Timeshifter, on 17th August 2011, 05:33 PM
- Added -
Rebellion Campaign (3 players Multiplayer)
- 1. Mission - Where might your nest lie, little bird?
- 2. Mission - Something is in the air (Thanks to Radzio this map is synchronized)
New harder difficulty for Silent Hill map
All maps: information for server that he shouldn´t exit game if he loosed and other people is still playing
Skin for Electronic ray

- Changed -
New hand drawed background by Milan alias D3stiny
All maps except River of Lost Souls updated from 1.11 patch (we use our own solution for River of Lost Souls)
Little different script of attack in Silent Hill map
Little different basic interface
Skin change for Rocket Barrage from Arabian Rocket Launcher skin to American Rocket Launcher skin
Arabian Interface deleted (due to new interface in 1.11 patch)
Changed frequency of shipments in Oldest Terror map

- Fixed -
Arabian Campaign - 1. mission cleared of some bugs
Wrong choosing of Saboteur heroes in Saboteurs map
Fixed Hero mode in Dead Valley map
Flags - Kill´em all - wrong Multidesc

- in addition -
Background Autor gives you this small poem:

Over the battle, Clouds are closing
Sight of the battle, they are hiding
tanks with guns, shots are peaking
all efforts of enemy, they are wasting

Download (212 MB)

Original image of background

Throwback language pack for translate / Is not disposition now.

1.11.1 Beta Test - 15 August 2011

Posted by stucuk, on 15th August 2011, 06:32 PM
1.11.1 has been released. See Here for more information.

  • Latest Multiplayer Maps (by Radzio)
    • General
      • Improved build-up's performance.
    • Bloody Valley & Bastard Pass fixes
      • Some strings were not being shown
      • Amount of ppl in BV's MDs
    • Flags updates
      • New build-up's areas and code
    • Highlands fixes
      • Moved infinite loop that blocked important code from being executed
      • prepare_people allows for an immediate placing in buildings now
        (fixes missing units because of inaccessible entrance hexes)
    • River Of Lost Souls fixes
      • Information about points not being shown
      • NE and SW bases have their areas fixed
      • Moreover, NE base has its area enlarged
      • 10 trees were removed from the map to not block predefined buildings
      • Random trees are no longer removed from the map
  • AM15: You no longer loose a medal when you finish behemots. (by Radzio)
  • OW No longer crashes when Direct X Applications go full screen.
  • Several "Preventive" Fixes*

* "Preventive" Fixes are when people give me an error report with an access violation and i modify OW so that it shouldn't in future crash at that point. This however doesn't mean my changes will stop it crashing as it may just crash at another point.

Note: This version is not compatible with previous versions online.

1.11.0 final version released!

Posted by YuriStriatov, on 24th July 2011, 09:29 PM
Finally the long awaited patch 1.11.0 is available for download. It is about time this release happened, and about time for an upgrade as well. Without further ado the best way to present what the 1.11.0 patch offers is in the form of a teaser written by Pomek:

New Arabian interface (by Morphid)
We all remember how in the past the Arabs didn't really have their own interface, instead using the American one. From now on they have their own created by the Czech community and now part of the official patch.
Screenshot #1, Screenshot #2

A better IRC server for the ingame chat
The previous IRC channel hosted on dal.net would frequently k-line people for seemingly no reason. This affected the community negatively for a long while. The new IRC channel now hosted on freenode will no longer cause such problems.
Screenshot #1

Multiplayer Ranking (by Yuri & Stuart)
For many of us this is a real opportunity to present our skills. Empty words will finally be able to be proven by stats, which will be presented on the website and associated with our user accounts.
CB 1v1 Ladder, Ingame login, Result on the website

Survival Mode (by Radzio)
This is an idea created by Antonio. The rules of the game are simply. At the start of the game we receive an arbitrary number of resources (5, 10, 25 or 50 thousand crates and 10% of the crate amount as oil and siberite). No crate drops will occur during the course of the game, so players have to make use of what they got in the best possible way and protect every unit and building. After the resources in your depot are depleted, the only way to get more is to steal them from the enemy - assuming he has any left himself. The depot suddenly becomes the most important building in the game, as destroyed once the majority of your resources will be gone with it thus giving the enemy a great advantage.

On the Alien Base map each player position only has access to oil fields in this mode, and the only way to get siberite is to mine it from the centre of the map.
Screenshot #1

Preset game rule choice (by Radzio)
In each game we can choose a 'preset rules' mode, where the settings for a particular game will be specifically tuned to the particular game rules that have been selected. This allows people to easily play according to the ingame rules designed by the community in the past few years.
Game rules #1, Limits #1

Custom server name (by Stuart)
From now on we can cancel a game server, as well as name it however we want without the name being forced as one's nickname.
Screenshot #1

New infantry generating system in multiplayer (by Radzio)
In the past infantry in multiplayer games would generate for each side with wildly different stats. This meant that some players would have a natural advantage at the start of the game, while others would be greatly disadvantaged. This did not help fair play, so it was changed so that now a single stats template for all players will be generated and used.

Build Up Time - redesign (by Radzio)
From now on build up time does not restrict movement to the base area of a particular player. Instead, players are able to move around the entire map - except the enemy base, until the build up time runs out. This makes this mode a true "no rush" mode, and allows for exercising map control in the first 10 minutes as should have been done since the very start.
Screenshot #1

Better server visibility (by Radzio)
Hamachi now properly displays a server list for Original War in that particular network. Manual IP typing is no longer necessary.

New dedicated server interface (by Stuart)
Not only is it now fixed and works, it has a nicer interface to boot. Remember though that you can only use it if you have a external IP address.
Screenshot #1

Many critical bugs that have plagued games in 1.10b have also been fixed, including the unit control bug, the invalid nickname crash bug and some other smaller exploits.

The patch can be downloaded here: http://original-war.net/files.php?id=125. See you ingame.

1.11.0 RC 9 Beta Test - 19 July 2011

Posted by Gothuk, on 20th July 2011, 09:34 AM
1.11.0 RC 9 has been released. See Here for more information.

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