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1.11.0 RC 1 Beta Test - 15 April 2011

Posted by stucuk, on 15th April 2011, 02:41 PM
1.11.0 RC 1 has been released. See Here for more information.

THROWBACK - Version 5.3

Posted by Timeshifter, on 1st March 2011, 04:39 PM
Throwback expands game Original War in a high row, from the modification of original multiplayer maps, trough the new maps to whole new campaing.

It uncovers another layers of the dust from remains of thunder past, spinning like a wind around strategic material, catalyst of cold fusion, containing an incredible amount of energy and the origin is so mysteriou, as are his abilities.

Leaders of nations are now fighting on a completely unknown places, yet entirely irrelevant. New and new branches of alternate reality break away and join another, between the space and time they fight four absolutely identical groups of people, for an ancient artefact. Soldiers are on their own and forced to go through the wild, in constant danger from enemy attack. The new base is created and the fights are in the valleys full of death and on the crossroads and rivers.

A long time ago won battles flared again and again, manytime in a single moment, with different leaders and totally different people. It is now clear, that with the battle for the primary deposit is not the end fo the pas... way of the pas are really unpredictable.

However, it is necessary to go back to beginning, to the start. Because here we´re going to watch the mysterious figures of many languages with the same goal - destruction of primary deposit.

The modification includes the Arabian campaign, new multiplayer maps for both, odd and even number of players, missions from the original campaign, playable in multiplayer and multiplayer maps casually related the story campaign. All the nations are setting new power, balacned weapons, defence of the vehicles, etc.Arrabians get better for exaple with purposeful bulldozed and Russians get more powerful diesel power plant. This balance works both in multiplayer and campaign.
--- written by Enguzrad

Version 5.3
--- Added ---
Map - Arctic Circle - The Secret War
Map - Night Fight - 6 teams (Free for All), Kill 'em all
--- Changed ---
Reduced the number of tigers in map Oldest Terror
Minimal changes in the balance
--- Fixed ---
Problems with setting siberite rocket
4th artifact (contamination) Fixed, now goes for research use with no problem
Now in the full version, the correct map for the Arabian campaign. (It has become a casualty in the full 5.2 version)

Full Version - Download!
Update 5.2>>5.3 - Download!
TB Language Pack - Download!

Updated launcher - 1.11.0 beta (18.2)

Posted by Nitek, on 18th February 2011, 06:25 PM
Stucuk has just relased updated launcher for 1.11.0 beta patch. It adds possibility to set resolution higher than 1024x768. It was possible before, but now you can set it via launcher. Now It's more user-friendly.

You can download this file here.

1.11.0 Beta Test - 5th Febuary 2011

Posted by Gothuk, on 5th February 2011, 05:14 PM
New beta-version of 1.11.0 patch is now available.
You can download it from Open Beta Test forum in OWSupport.com (Access requires login).

Changes in relation to 9th January version:
Changelog said:
Latest Multiplayer Maps
Handles certain situations better(Removed some asserts, so less chance of crashing)

We are inviting you to test and report bugs.

Throwback - Version 5.2

Posted by Timeshifter, on 31st January 2011, 03:46 PM
Yesterday, a new version of popular Original War mod by Freya Games was released.

== Added ==
Preview map for maps without GBI
Map - Saboteurs
Map - Volcano Gods
Boundary marking the base, in map River of Lost Souls
== Fixed ==
Common errors on some maps
Nations Balanced
== Changed ==
Staining on some maps

Link for download can be found here and on our site!

If you have downloaded this version of Throwback before 31.1.2011, please install this small patch. It fixes some Arabian interface bugs caused by wrong file encoding.

Arabian UI fix for 1.11.0 beta

Posted by Nitek, on 18th January 2011, 08:56 PM
In order to fix the errors occuring while playing Arabian mods in 1.11.0 beta, the following file has been released by Stucuk:


edit by gwrhkhsh.

1.11.0 Beta Test - 9th January 2011

Posted by Nitek, on 9th January 2011, 06:05 PM
New beta version of 1.11.0 patch is now available.
Changes in relation to 3rd January version:
- Contains bug fixes to everything i said i changed in the Bug Reports people have posted.
- Moved back to Borlands Memory Manager.
- Changed how OW sends data to Clanbase so Unicode is now supported for Username's and passwords.
- Made OW Check if its a Clanbase game when reporting a Sync Loss.
- Async Mouse has been re-enabled.
- Shadows, Ground Animation and Water Animation are now forced to be enabled.

- Thread on OWSupport (you need to login)
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