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Don't Forget!

Añadido por zoNE, 7th February 2019, 09:26 PM

The First Hardcore - US Campaign Speedrun!

Añadido por zoNE, 21st January 2019, 10:25 PM
The First Hardcore - US Campaign Speedrun!

Other speedruns: https://original-war.net/ranking.php?mode=speedrun

Hardcore - US Campaign Speedrun Rules:
1. Time starts on clicking "Run" in the "New Campaign" window with "New Campaign" selected and ends on the main character final dialogue
2. Play on "Master Strategist" difficulty, with all medals and without casualties (exception: Am08 are died 3 soldiers during the cutscenes, others can't die)
3. Play without replaying missions
4. Play on any game speed mode you want
5. Timed via RTA (you count loading times, cutscenes etc. to your total run time)
6. Don't use glitches, bugs, cheats and mods
7. Pausing is allowed, but discouraged
8. Save and load isn't allowed

Original War Tournament 2019 - Win Real Cash!

Añadido por zoNE, 20th January 2019, 10:29 PM
As administration of Original-War.net, in cooperation with YouTube channel: Livid, we would like to invite you to sign up for the biggest international Original War Tournament with cash prizes! Registration for the tournament starts on 20.01.2019-09.02.2019. Tournament rules below!

Current prize pool:
€220! (1000PLN)


(The prize pool may increase appropriately to the new donations during live: Livid’s channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXaSYYWvb_0yVyOBOFK_68g. All donations will be used for rewards!)

1st place - 50% current prize pool and the key for a random game.
2nd place - 30% current prize pool.
3rd place - 20% current prize pool.

Consolation prize:
4th place - Key for a random game.

In order to participate, you need to submit a ticket for the relevant topic in the forum dedicated to this topic. The topic can be found under the link: https://forum.original-war.net/viewtopic.php?p=55272.

Tournament rules:
  • The tournament will consist of 2 phases: Qualification round and play offs. The 8 best players of qualification round will advance to the play off phase. We will be able to determine the exact tournament formula after the recruitment process was completed. If the required number of 8 players isn’t registered, we reserve the right to change the formula of the tournament.
  • The tournament will be played on a Clan Base rules (current rules available at this link: https://original-war.net/articles.php?a=multiplayer_matchtypes).
  • Qualification phase will be played on „Alien Base” map. To prevent unnecesarry prolonging of the qualification matches, „Siberite Rocket” technology will become available.
  • In the play off phase, the map will be selected via pre-game ban during which, players will receive a list list of total 3 maps, then every player will decide which map they DON'T want to play. The map that will remain as the last one, will be the one used in the play off phase.
  • The tournament will be played on the current official version, which is as of the time of writing. The patch may change if an official update is released before the tournament.
  • In case a player is disconnected or Synchronization is lost,each player is allowed to repeat each game once again. The tournament organizers will verify whether the participant actually got a synchronization lost or deliberately left the game with no chance of winning. Cases of obvious loss of one of the parties are not subject to complaint.
  • Usage of any kind of game bug, glitch or cheats is strictly forbiden.
  • In case of win in a tournament, we will contact the winners with further instructions of transfer the prize. Informations required to payout the prize will be collected by site administrator and then passed to the tournament organizer (YouTube channel Livd: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXaSYYWvb_0yVyOBOFK_68g), to perform the payout of the prize. Every information obtained this way will only be used for this purpose
  • The dates of matches will be set and published in the Original-War.net forum 12.02.2019. (Link pending) The allowed time delay for your fight is 15 minutes, then the walkover will be announced.
  • In the event of a transfer of fights, the player who doesn't match the date or time, is obliged to agree with the player with whom he wants to exchange for fights. In this case, the consent of 4 players is required (a player who wants to change the date of the fight with someone, his opponent and both players with whom he wants to change the date). Requests and approvals to change the date must be reported to the site administrator: zoNE, up to a maximum of 24 hours before the specified date of the fight.
  • The organizers reserve the right to change the rules and regulations before and during the whole tournament.

Tournament start date: 15.02.2019 (exact start time of the tournament will be published along with the date of the fights).

Participants willing to join the tournament must meet all of the below requirements:
  • They are at least 18 years old.
  • Have an account on original-war.net (where we will verify the identity of players).
  • Provide their application no later than 09.02.2019 at 23:59.
  • Have Original War ;).

A valid application must have:
  • Player’s nickname. (The Original War nickname must be the same as the Original-War.net nickname - this will make it easier for us to identify players).
  • Information “I want to participate!” (for example: zoNE – I want to participate!).

Inicio del Speedrun Ranking

Añadido por zoNE, 18th January 2019, 10:58 PM
Queríamos anunciaros que el proyecto Speedrun Ranking ha sido completado!


Nuevo: Speedrun Ranking.

Link del Speedrun Ranking: https://original-war.net/ranking.php?mode=speedrun

SGUI: Progreso, Cómo funciona - La nueva interfaz de Original War

Añadido por zoNE, 8th November 2018, 05:23 PM
8K 60FPS Ultra HD SGUI Test (32:9 Súper Ultra-Ancho, 7680x2160):

SGUI - Tutorial en Original War (En progreso):

OWS SGUI Previsualización(2018\07\25):

SGUI - Chat del Multiplayer:

Inicio del MODBase 2.0

Añadido por Nefarem, 14th October 2018, 05:12 PM
Queríamos anunciaros que el proyecto MODBase ha sido completado. Hemos enriquecido todas las modificaciones con descripciones básicas, evaluación basada en testeos, links a la galería, vídeos si los hubiera y otras cosas que haya añadido el autor del mod.

La apariencia de la sección ha cambiado. A partir de ahora, aparecen banderas de los idiomas los cuáles soporta un mod cualquiera, que aparece al lado del nombre del mod y también está la posibilidad de ver una previsualización de la descripción y evaluación del mod que sea mientras estamos viendo la lista completa de los mods.

Hemos añadido también modificaciones al MODBase tanto de este año como del año anterior.

A continuación, unas capturas de pantalla:


Nuevo- más detalles en las descripciones de los mods.


Nueva previsualización del contenido del mod desde la lista de los mods.

Link del MODBase: https://original-war.net/files.php?c=15

¡El Parche ha sido publicado!

Añadido por zoNE, 19th April 2018, 03:53 PM
El parche ha sido publicado!


Cambios (https://wiki.owsupport.com/index.php?title=Patches#
stucuk said:

  • Fixed: Fixed bug with Issue #464
  • Added: Expand Weapons (Issue #481)
  • Fixed: Access Violation at 00620E5E in OwarOGL ( (Issue #480)
  • Added: AddToLog for Editor (Issue #476)
  • Fixed: Access Violation at 005E003B in OwarOGL ( (Issue #472)
  • Fixed: Division by zero EAddress: 0061BA56 ( (Issue #473)
  • Fixed: Access Violation at 00625D61 in OwarOGL ( (Issue #479)
  • Improved: Modify CreateHuman so that invalid nation or sex for that class is automatically fixed (Issue #474)
  • Improved: Modify OW to send the 4 Settings in multiplayer while in the Game Room (Issue #478)
  • Fixed: Access Violation at 0059B435 in OwarOGL ( (Issue #467)
  • Added: Add Ability to use GMZ Extra Data for Muzzle Flashes (Issue #462)
  • Added: Make OW Read all OWPs in mod directory (Issue #464)
  • Added: Add Error Address to Index Out Of Bounds Errors (Issue #465)
  • Added: Add Custom Lasers (Issue #466)
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