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Patch to (Requires:

File details
File name OWPatch_3.0.10.333_TO_3.0.11
File size 84.66 MB
Estimated download times
  • 256 kbit/s: 46 min 15 sec
  • 512 kbit/s: 23 min 8 sec
  • 1 mbit/s: 11 min 51 sec
  • 2 mbit/s: 5 min 56 sec
  • 4 mbit/s: 2 min 58 sec
  • 20 mbit/s: 36 sec
  • 100 mbit/s: 8 sec
Download locations
Original-War.net ( to
OWSupport.com ( to
(External mirror)

Changelog (https://forum.original-war.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17)
Bug Fix: Crash when getting weapon name
Bug Fix: Dedicated Server crashes on start
Bug Fix: Self Destruct does more than 1 tick of damage
Added: Exclamations volume setting (in-game only currently)
Added: NOFPSSLEEP parameter
Added: SAIL constant f_full for filters
Added: GetBuildingCapacity SAIL function
Bug Fix: OWorkshop bug with some pngs causing it to crash
Changed: Critter xicht forground images can now be transparent
Changed: SAIL list sorts now use quicksort
Improved: Removed more memory leaks
Added: Ability to select monitor
Added: Ability to select sound device
Added: Borderless Fullscreen Window mode
Added: ChangeMissionObjectives_Silent SAIL command
Added: Custom Random Environments to editor
Added: Custom SAIL Constants to editor
Added: Editors gallery select avatar screen now shows ID and Voice
Added: Message box to SAIL editor for errors and messages that happening during compile
Added: SAIL stats window
Bug Fix: destroy_unit - Access violation (Issue #674)
Bug Fix: AM11 - PlaceUnitArea (Issue #675/#676)
Bug Fix: Save image missing when F2 is used rather than menu (Issue #677)
Bug Fix: Fixed dots in savegame names
Changed: OW will take most settings from eset.ini rather than owar.ini if they exist
Changed: Video Subtitles now use Language used for Text
Improved: Faster at creating window and overall loading
Improved: Improved editor mod selection window
Improved: Most SAIL commands which have unitid as input will handle out of range ids
Updated: Classic Menu now on more recent version
» Index > Patches > Patch to (Requires:
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