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Patch 1.07.1 (Full)

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File name OWPatch_1.071_Full.exe
File size 41.47 MB
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  • 256 kbit/s: 22 min 39 sec
  • 512 kbit/s: 11 min 20 sec
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Download locations
Changelog (https://forum.original-war.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17)


Added: Allow and Disallow map lists.
Added: Allow Multiplayer Maps to have units which talk in them. (as in Dialogs)
Added: AreaToList SAIL command.
Added: Campaign buttons can now display text.
Added: OW Now can use sound in a mods mod.owp file.
Added: Exit button on the select mod screen of the editor.
Added: When OW catches an error it will generate an error log (OWEL) with extended info (i.e Win Ver, CPU Speed)
Added: Clanbase support. OW Players can now have ranked multiplayer games!
Added: Edit boxes can now have text copyed and pasted. Only basic. No selection.
Bug Fix: Multiplayer area (bit where u select team) now correctly works when u change mod and go back to it.
Bug Fix: Floats are now fixed on systems which use a comma insted of a dot.
Bug Fix: Misc bugs when changing mods.
Bug Fix: the launcher nolonger minimises OW.
Bug Fix: txtXX.wri files are now trimright'd, meaning any spaces at the end are cut off.
Bug Fix: PakView now correctly handles Wav files that use the optional 2 byte field at the end of the header.
Bug Fix: 42(+12 is not a number error is fixed.
Bug Fix: Editor now correctly names directories when it creates a mod.
Changed: Proper Unicode Launcher.
Changed: New Interface for Launcher.
Changed: PakView speed increase.
Changed: sounds in OWP files can be in Sound\Dialogs\ as well as Dialogs\
Changed: OWP files saved by PakView are now saved with the OWP3 format.
Changed: all maps made with the editor will now have anti-trainer code built in.
Updated: OWS Video (Startup logo thingy) updated to the OWS site theme.

» Index > Patches > Old patches > Patch 1.07.1 (Full)
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