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Patch (Full)

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Jméno souboru OWPatch_2.0.5.12.rar
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Místa pro stažení
Changelog (https://forum.original-war.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17)


Added: Editor now has the ability to export the vehicle image to the current mods interface area
Added: vehicles.txt - weapons can now use CARGO_SIZE and BASE_WEAPON
Added: Siberia and Rocky Pass multiplayer maps
Added: Wave Editor in the OW Editor will now generate the wi image
Added: "Simple" versions of Multiplayer Maps
Added: [MULTIPLAYER] - Add technology restrictions (Issue #259)
Added: Alternate Fullscreen mode for Direct Draw Renderer (Issue #298)
Added: Add GetMonth to SAIL (Issue #300)
Added: Add a UnitBury Event (Issue #301)
Added: Add GetHexHeight and GetHexType function's (Issue #315)
Added: English Fallback for Lang system (Issue #338)
Added: Make Depot/Warehouse distance moddable (Issue #341)
Added: Add isEditor constant to Sail (Issue #342)
Added: Add LoadPNGOverride (Issue #343)
Added: Add timer SAIL command (Issue #345)
Added: Weather System (Issue #347)
Bug Fix: Save games that used too many references will now load (Some mods saves were affected by this)
Bug Fix: Remove All Units button in Editor no longer causes crash
Bug Fix: OGL Renderer doesn't create Screenshots with F12
Bug Fix: RU13a / AM13a - Side hostility (Issue #219)
Bug Fix: RU13a - Constant attacks (Issue #220)
Bug Fix: AM15 - Camera centering during cutscene (Issue #224)
Bug Fix: [MP MAP FLAGS] - Character spawn (Issue #250)
Bug Fix: [INFO BOX] - Text colour incorrect (Issue #252)
Bug Fix: [MULTIPLAYER] - Add various climate conditions (Issue #260)
Bug Fix: [FOOTBALL] - Height map, terrain (Issue #278)
Bug Fix: Mission Report missing numbers (Issue #279)
Bug Fix: Ground Animations Path Error (Issue #281)
Bug Fix: Environments near edge of map cause access violation (Issue #283)
Bug Fix: Editor doesn't remove Base Path from GroundAnims (Issue #284)
Bug Fix: OW loads vanilla bin files if mod map doesn't have a bin file (Issue #285)
Bug Fix: Secondary objective can't be achieved when enemy destroys a depot in Ru12a (Issue #303)
Bug Fix: Legion soldiers hired in Am12 are available in later missions (Issue #306)
Bug Fix: Character died medal RU07 (Issue #307)
Bug Fix: Ru02 captured breastworks are removed (Issue #309)
Bug Fix: Ru06 - Captured American factory still produces vehicles (Issue #310)
Bug Fix: Czech/Polish characters can not be written in boxes (Issue #339)
Bug Fix: Game never used SAIL Bin files (Issue #340)
Bug Fix: Units pause when alot of units are moving (Issue #353)
Changed: Waves random number seed is now considered ASync
Changed: enablefpscounter can now be used as a parameter for ow_editorOGL.exe and ow_editorDD.exe
Changed: Fluent Animation is now forced on
Changed: Cargo bay info (Bottom left) now shows as 100/100
Changed: Remove Exp Limit for Skirmish Maps (Issue #344)
Changed: Make OW Ignore MultiDesc*.wri files which have no contents (Issue #348)
Improved: Workshop Synchronisation will now occur when you open the Mod Launcher (Also added more info to it).
Improved: Increase number of areas on map in editor (Issue #280)
Improved: Make OGL Renderer only update the OGL Texture when something has changed (Issue #351)
Improved: Make Scrolling of the main view independed of FPS and Game Speed (Issue #352)
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