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Patch (Full)

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File name OWPatch_1.12.10.12.rar
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Changelog (https://forum.original-war.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17)


Added: Support for 22 Steam Achievements
Added: Language Pack Support
Bug Fix: Am02 - Mikhail is rather aggressive (Issue 4)
Bug Fix: Am07 - JMM dies but mission successful (Issue 5)
Bug Fix: Bloody valley tree gives exp multiple times (Issue 11)
Bug Fix: Polish "From the Future with Love" - %d and %t (Issue 19)
Bug Fix: Cornell appearance Am10_cont (Issue 25)
Bug Fix: AM15, Connie Traverse (Issue 29)
Bug Fix: RU14 generic characters (Issue 31)
Bug Fix: Am15 W. Gorky event (Issue 34)
Bug Fix: Bug/Exploit. Chatting as others in the multiplayer lobby (Issue 35)
Bug Fix: All soliders dont attack legion in 2nd attack 15am (Issue 37)
Bug Fix: Crash at Start of AM15 under certain resolutions (Issue 39)
Bug Fix: Ru02 - barracks (Issue 40)
Bug Fix: AM11 Scout (Yamoko) (Issue 43)
Bug Fix: Am15 "No loses" medal (Issue 44)
Bug Fix: Am missions with a movies are globally broken (Issue 12)
Bug Fix: Error with loading save (Issue 2)
Bug Fix: [exploit] hacking friendly vehicles is now limited.
Bug Fix: any apeman could repair adjacent building.
Bug Fix: reals from SAIL were improperly saved.
Bug Fix: memory leak from reading compressed files from OWP archives.
Bug Fix: an integer overflow in the editor.
Changed: Multiplayer Protocol Increased (Incompatible with previous versions)
Changed: Saving with Editor is disabled when going in-game until the map is reset
Changed: Re-wrote FacePanel so it stretches properly
Enhancement: Error Reporter can identify Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
» Index > Patches > Old patches > Patch (Full)
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