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Patch 1.12.2 (Full)

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File name owpatch_1122_full.zip
File size 58 MB
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Download locations
Changelog (https://forum.original-war.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17)


Added: New parameter 'BORDER'
Added: New parameter 'WINDOWEX'
Added: Enabled port changing in OwarDedicated (Experimental)
Bug Fix: Multiplayer map fixes (Party, Bastard Pass)
Bug Fix: Spectators no longer increase Sync Lost's
Bug Fix: No longer crashes if a DirectX Application goes fullscreen
Bug Fix: No longer freezes if you try to do a second multiplayer match
Bug Fix: No longer crashes if OW tries to draw outside a maps bounds
Bug Fix: Editor no longer crashes when it comes back from fullscreen mode
Bug Fix: Apeman engineering Leveling
Bug Fix: Profession level text not updating
Bug Fix: Remote vehicles no longer stuck linked to mechanics when destroyed
Bug Fix: Upgrade bonuses now display correct information
Bug Fix: Task queues fixed
Bug Fix: Animals can no longer help build
Bug Fix: Fixed Remote charges
Bug Fix: Self-destruction of remote vehicles fixed
Bug Fix: Quick dismantlement of buildings fixed
Bug Fix: Sniper/mortar/bazooka massive damage attack fixed
Bug Fix: Fixed sleeping people shooting
Bug Fix: Fixed unlimited range attacks while being in effective time lapser's range
Bug Fix: Fixed attacks on invisible units while being in effective time lapser's range
Bug Fix: Fixed soporific ammo attacks on invisible units
Bug Fix: Fixed gaining exp on sleeping people/apemen
Bug Fix: Fixed gaining exp on crates
Bug Fix: Fixed counting of spectators
Bug Fix: Fixed pushing control exploit
Bug Fix: Fixed random amounts of materials from destroyed depots
Bug Fix: Fixed 'division by zero' while resizing interface with many buildings
Bug Fix: Sending fake MS packets no longer causes Access Violations
Bug Fix: Grndsec no longer crashes when adding water
Changed: Packets are now encrypted
Changed: Editor only creates 'libarysources.txt' if needed
Changed: Charges can only be placed by Arabian soldiers
Changed: Buildings can be repaired only by human engineers, apeman engineers and cranes.
Changed: Clients can find servers on non-standard ports (using the MasterServer)
Changed: Permanent stand ground mode option is forced.
» Index > Patches > Old patches > Patch 1.12.2 (Full)
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