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Patch 1.09 (Full)

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Changelog (https://forum.original-war.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17)


Added: Palette editor in GM View
Added: Merge images to GM Views preview window
Added: Czech, French, German and Italian Pakview translations by 5ITH
Added: Czech(5ITH,Sali,CPT), Polish(H1R3KD, Yuri, Radzio) and Spanish(5ITH, Gwren1) multiplayer translations.
Added: Master Server Support
Added: Mod Setup Creator App
Added: SetNextMission SAIL command
Added: 8Bit BMP import to GM Editor
Added: 8Bit BMP palette import to GM Editor
Added: SAIL Editors font can now be set
Added: Multithreading to the Patch System and PakView
Bug Fix: CD is now checked after checking in OW\Disk2 and OW directories (prevents No Disk errors on some pc/laptops when you have a full install)
Bug Fix: OW nolonger skips a parameter each time it reads one (introduced in 1.08)
Bug Fix: Multidesc files are now loaded using the language thats currently selected over using the games language (#ENG, etc)
Bug Fix: OW now picks files based on Selected Lang -> Game Lang -> English Version (Order it trys to find files)
Bug Fix: Creates nolonger spawn at spectators starting points
Bug Fix: Oil/Siberite nolonger spawn at spectators starting points
Bug Fix: Spectator view nolonger disapears in certain situations
Bug Fix: Pakview now correctly displays the "Extracted" percentage
Bug Fix: Default profile is now correctly created. (Broken in an earlyer patch)
Bug Fix: EXP cheat on AM05_Cont and RU06 fixed by Radzio
Bug Fix: Launcher no longer removes all parameters when skip is the first one
Bug Fix: When an error is reported by Original War it will now always set the colours back when the app exits
Bug Fix: English subtitles on american intro fixed
Bug Fix: Multiplayer text now causes the gamewindow to do a full refresh when text is shown/hidden
Bug Fix: Customres nolonger causes access violations with Factories and Workshops
Bug Fix: InGameOn is now used at the start of RU1 and RU2
Changed: If running in a window and the colours change to 32bit then OW will set them back to 16bit insted of forcing OW into fullscreen
Changed: Patch system now checks all CD/DVD drives (including virtual ones) for Disk 2 insted of just the first one
Improved: AntiTrainer code has been improved
» Indeks > Patche > Stare patche > Patch 1.09 (Full)
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