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Patch 1.08 (Full)

File details
File name OWPatch_1.08_Full.exe
File size 49.99 MB
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  • 256 kbit/s: 27 min 19 sec
  • 512 kbit/s: 13 min 40 sec
  • 1 mbit/s: 7 min 0 sec
  • 2 mbit/s: 3 min 30 sec
  • 4 mbit/s: 1 min 45 sec
  • 20 mbit/s: 21 sec
  • 100 mbit/s: 5 sec
Download locations
Original-War.net (1.08 Full)
Original-War.net (1.08PolFix2)
Changelog (https://forum.original-war.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17)


Added: Czech and Italian game translations (By 5ITH)
Added: Pakview now has the ability to re-build OWP files
Added: Pakview now has the ability show how much space is wasted in an OWP
Added: Pakview now has multilanguage support(Currently English, Polish and Spanish has been translated)
Added: Japanease support for game
Added: Multilanguage text support for game (Use #ENG, #FRA, #GER, #ITA, #SPA, #CZE, #JAP or #POL as params)
Added: Spectator support in multiplayer games (Currently only in Alien Base)
Added: 5 SAIL commands: LoadCharacter (By Radzio), RegenerateArea, RegenerateUnits, Multiplayer_GetPlayerIsSpec, IAmSpec
Added: Identify tool in the SAIL Editor
Added: GM Editor created. Allows editing of GMX, GMS and GMZ files
Bug Fix: Enginear and Cornel spawning bug in AM10 fixed (By Radzio)
Bug Fix: Customising avatar in multiplayer now unchecks the "im ready"
Bug Fix: Misc bug fixes
Bug Fix: Ingame videos now play (bug introduced in a previous patch)
Bug Fix: American warehouse image in Rus and Arab interface fixed
Bug Fix: Exclamations now check Dialogs\ as well as the users language folder
Bug Fix: Character names nolonger have a gap at the start
Bug Fix: Dialogs and Videos now play correctly when using a non English version of original war and when you use a langauge parameter
Bug Fix: Gaps infront of dialog names removed.
Bug Fix: You may now only transport resources if you have at least 10 of that kind (Stops players transporting 1 and getting 10 at the other end)
» Index > Patches > Old patches > Patch 1.08 (Full)
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