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Patch 1.04 (Full)

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Nom du fichier OWFull_1.04[www.original-war
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Changelog (https://forum.original-war.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17)


- Added: Ability to load mods from a owp file
- Added: Ability to modify the menus
- Added: Mods section in main menu
- Added: Game version label on main menu
- Added: Clients connecting to a host no longer have to select the mod the host is using. It will automaticaly load the mod the host has if its on the clients pc.
- Bug Fix: Colour, Team and Position checkbox's no longer cause violations if a player joins when another player is selecting one of them.
- Bug Fix: Cutscenes after the first play correctly now. (they were broken in 1.03)
- Exploit Fix: Apemen can no longer become invisible. Only soldiers can place mines(note: other units will still walk to the location, but not place mines).
- Exploit Fix: No longer can you use enemies vehicles when u have the factory selected when it builds a unit or when a mechanic enters a vehicle.
- Exploit Fix: Holding down S before exploding a Self Destructing Car no longer causes a large explosion based on how long the S key was held.
- Changed: Pause disabled in multiplayer games. Restart and Quick Restart shortcuts disabled in Multiplayer.
» Index > Patch > Old patches > Patch 1.04 (Full)
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