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Patch to (Requires:

Detaily souboru
Jméno souboru OWPatch_2.0.6.132_TO_3.0.10.
Velikost souboru 425.6 MB
Odhadované časy stahování
  • 256 kbit/s: 3 hod 52 min 27 sek
  • 512 kbit/s: 1 hod 56 min 14 sek
  • 1 mbit/s: 59 min 31 sek
  • 2 mbit/s: 29 min 46 sek
  • 4 mbit/s: 14 min 53 sek
  • 20 mbit/s: 2 min 59 sek
  • 100 mbit/s: 36 sek
Místa pro stažení
Original-War.net ( to
OWSupport.com ( to
(Externí zdroj)

Changelog (https://forum.original-war.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17)
Bug Fix: Multiplayer map Exposed has missing oil and siberite deposits
Bug Fix: Commpanel could be updated too often if PC has been on for a month or more
Improved: Optimised code for checking what professions units in a building can change to
Added: Profiler to Editor and MTV (USEPROFILING param to enable)
Added: New multiplayer map Exposed (by Gwrhkhsh)
Bug Fix: Double Laser Stays connected to other Double Lasers even when ownership changes (Issue #672)
Bug Fix: Vehicles fire at previous target after capture (Issue #673)
Changed: SetBLevel sail functions maximum blevel increased to 20
Changed: Multiplayer balance changes (Gattling Gun damage reduced, Rocket spread reduced)
Improved: Added error message if sail has stack overflow
Improved: Cranes will now animate on a turret when inuse
Improved: Minimap maximum resolution increased
Added: Add f_tag to SAIL Filters [Issue #669]
Added: Hold Fire mode, mods can add via new button
Added: Item Charges to units, allowing comm panel buttons to be disabled when unit has 0 charges
Added: Map Start event to SAIL, fired when map starts or save is loaded
Added: OW_GAME_TICK variable added to lua so mods can use it to display current time on ui
Bug Fix: Apes can attack people inside buildings (through the building) [Issue #670]
Bug Fix: Alt key menu causing issues (Built in windows feature if you don't tell it you handled the alt key)
Bug Fix: Editors profile select included mod name in the profile name box
Bug Fix: OGV videos which are not divisible by 16 in width or height were incorrectly rendered
Bug Fix: OGV videos without sound channel would crash OW
Bug Fix: Oil and Siberite mines can eat people
Bug Fix: Targetable SAIL No Unit button command now sends selected units id (if one is selected)
Changed: Mod Setup Creator upgraded to use FastMM4 with increased memory limits
Added: List of Building in Active Area menu option to editor
Added: CLOTHES setting for people.txt
Bug Fix: Prevent editor from allowing larger environment objects to be placed in areas they should not be allowed
Bug Fix: Fix for locking cutscene speed which failed on some maps
Changed: Mods can now have more than 3 difficulty levels for missions
Changed: Dedicated Servers ran by the Dedicated Server Manager will terminate their process after completing a match
Added: Artillery Weapon Type
Added: Select and Death sounds for human units can now be set
Added: New SAIL Events - CommandUnitXY, ClassChanged, TakeMaterials, SailEventCustom
Added: New SAIL Functions - SetBuildingStage, IgnoreSideSettingsCRC, RaiseSailEventCustom, SetCanUseMines
Added: System to regulate ticks for multiplayer games
Added: Ability to reveal secret achievement descriptions
Bug Fix: Reduced memory leaks
Changed: Increased Upgrade Levels from 3 to 10
Changed: Waves can now be rendered with shorter paths
Added: Ability for GroundAnim fps to be set
Added: Custom Animation for units
Added: Head turning while no activity
Added: Targetable SAIL command
Added: Ability for vehicle weapons to not allow construction based on controller type
Added: Option to disable Original War from centering your view in multiplayer when there is a Siberite Explosion
Added: Multiplayer map WRI files can now have options disabled
Added: Skinned chat box
Added: Added mute player to chat box
Added: Added limit cursor into ingame options
Changed: Multiplayer map options are now ordered based on their position in the WRI
Changed: Vehicle and Building backgrounds are now seperate for easier modding
Changed: Editor no longer tries to use Original War folder over OWP files
Changed: Increased max GroundAnim amount
Changed: Dedicated Server Manager overhauled
Changed: Trees changed in Mudbath multiplayer map
Changed: Fish removed from lake in Flags multiplayer map
Bug Fix: Workshops no longer get disabled when there is no power
Bug Fix: Fixed bug which crashed dedicated servers when reading certain map WRIs
Bug Fix: Multiplayer Ape script fixed
Bug Fix: Removed bots from recipients
Bug Fix: Fixed lua error in options
Bug Fix: Potential fix for issue with spectator bar when not all players are showed
Bug Fix: Missing bot ready texture (for MP room)
» Obsah > Patche > Patch to (Requires:
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