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  • Patch (Full)
    Changelog (https://wiki.owsupport.com/index.php?title=Patches#

    Added: Equalize Hex Height Tool (Issue #398)
    Added: Wall Building Type
    Added: COLOR parameter to grass (R G B)
    Added: CLASS_OVERRIDE to people
    Added: ICON to People and Buildings
    Added: HEIGHT to people (For laser end point)
    Added: SPAWNONDEATH to buldings (ClassID Count)
    Added: WEAPON to buildings (WeaponID)
    Added: EnterVehicle event to SAIL
    Added: EnterVehicleFromBuilding event to SAIL
    Added: LeaveVehicle event to SAIL
    Added: CrateSpawn event to SAIL
    Added: Identify and Note area to SAIL Editor main window
    Added: IsSleeping, GetBuildingCost, PlaySoundXYLoop and StopSound to SAIL
    Added: top_right, right, bottom_right, bottom_left, left and top_left SAIL constants
    Added: CommunityMaps folder allowing community maps in Vanilla OW Multiplayer
    Added: Arabian Interface to SGUI
    Added: SGUI version of Editor
    Added: ToLua Sail Command (SGUI only, no effect in normal OW)
    Added: solar_recharge_percent variable to SAIL
    Added: changing the colour of crate/artifact in a map
    Added: texts.wri can now be used for Skirmish and Multiplayer maps
    Added: PakView can now extract all WAV files
    Added: Multiplayer Host can now change game speed in game
    Added: sound.owp can now be used by mods
    Added: Ident Descriptions for Editor - McBenn
    Added: Wood Tool to Editor
    Added: GroundAnims now support 16bit BMPs (24bit is converted to 16Bit)
    Added: GBIs now support an imbedded PNG image
    Added: Vehicles and Buildings can now force an attack Ground button (Issue #370)
    Added: CacheColorsTXT SAIL command added
    Added: profile_name SAIL variable (read only)
    Added: simple editions of all multiplayer maps
    Added: Small graphics included in Ow_editorOGL_Small.exe and owarOGL_Small.exe
    Added: CUSTOMSOUND added to people.txt allowing custom sounds
    Added: HEAD added to people.txt with 0 being no head (Defaults to 1)
    Added: SGUI New Command OW_CUSTOM_COMMAND
    Added: CustomCommand SAIL event
    Added: GetEnvironmentType and IsEnvironmentDestroyable SAIL Commands
    Added: GM Factory now included (Successor to GM Editor)
    Added: SINGLEDIRECTION added to buildings.txt removing the need for a building to have graphics for each direction
    Added: SIGHT added to buildings.txt allowing the default to be changed (Defaults to 0)
    Added: Buildings can now have a charge animation
    Changed: Multiplayer Lobby will now show all games
    Changed: Counters.wri, BNames.wri and CharName.wri will load from maps folder if they exist
    Changed: Increased Scroll Speed
    Changed: Increased MaxRegBackRects from 1000 to 2000
    Changed: Increased max Building Phases to 70
    Changed: Window Scroll Speed Increased
    Changed: Increased Multiplayer Protocol Version
    Changed: crc.bin is now redundent
    Changed: only editor will compile SAIL if code.bin exists
    Changed: Maps can now have up to 20000 units (10x more)
    Changed: Texts.txt will only be loaded from mod folder (Unless wri is missing) (Issue #258)
    Changed: Multiple Core Mode is now default. Use singlecore parameter to force singlecore
    Fixed: various MC errors
    Fixed: Invincible but dead russian apeman armed with machinegun (Issue #392)
    Fixed: PlaySoundXY now works correctly
    Fixed: Minimap Window in Editor
    Fixed: Rare Crash relating to placing or destroying a unit
    Fixed: Sound Systems StopAll could prevent future sounds playing (Issue #387)
    Fixed: StoneEd now works from the Original War Directory (Its not mod compatible)
    Fixed: OW's Bin format can't handle strings larger than 255 (Issue 180)
    Fixed: WaterZBuffer is calculated when using the Water Editor
    Fixed: Saves with -1 as a unit id reference crash OW (Issue #366)
    Fixed: SetCargo - 100 resources limit (Issue #368)
    Fixed: AM12 - Russian attack script (Issue 321) - Nefarem
    Fixed: Multiplayer maps, Polish corrections needed (Issue 109) - Nefarem
    Fixed: Multiplayer map Siberia - Fixed Czech translations - Gravitr
    Fixed: Ru03 - Missing Russian translation of dialogue D10a-Bur-1 - McBenn
    Fixed: counter in Am06 (Polish). Showed digits when it should show time. - McBenn
    Fixed: Editor not showing Weapon colour updates(On Buildings) when palettes are changed
    Fixed: AM15 - Legion secondary objective (Issue 326) - Nefarem
    Fixed: AM06 - An event spawning Joan Fergusson doesn't trigger (Issue 378) - Nefarem
    Fixed: Ru03 - The player would always get the medal for destroying many American reinforcements - McBenn
    Fixed: Am13 - The final objective was given a few seconds after mission start (Issue #369) - McBenn
    Fixed: ComBuild fixed (RU05)
    Fixed: RU02, RU06, RU07, RU11 fixes (Issue #446) - Nefarem
    Fixed: AM09, AM10, RU03, RU11 Fixes (Issue #452) - Nefarem
    Fixed: AM15 - Wrong condition for appearance of arabians (Issue #324) - Nefarem
    Fixed: RU14 - Arabian attacks not commencing (Issue #214) - Nefarem
    Fixed: OW can now do games with more than 8 players
    Fixed: OW Editor no longer extracts texts.bin when you make a new mod
    Fixed: Diplomacy window will now always display correctly
    Improved: OW Editor interface
    Improved: Multiplayer Stability
    Improved: Error Logging
    Improved: Reduced CPU usage
    Improved: Editor tool speed increased (ALOT)
    Improved: Most tools now work when click and dragged
    Improved: OW_EditorOGL now uses FastMM for the memory manager
    Improved: OW_EditorOGL now uses LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE allowing up to 4GB of memory in 64Bit systems
    Improved: Czech translation of multiplayer map names - Sali
    Improved: Czech translation to multiplayer map Siberia - Sali
    Improved: Translated the technology option to Czech - Sali
    Improved: You can now add new People (99 total)
    Improved: exclamations will now search through the different nations for a sound (Meaning you only need them in one nation)
    Vložil: Gothuk , dne 31 Pro 2016, 18:55
    Naposledy upraveno 20 Ún 2021, 23:06
  • Patch to (Requires:

    Changelog (https://wiki.owsupport.com/index.php?title=Patches)
    Added: Multiplayer and Skirmish Map Name now shown in Steam Status
    Added: Save and Backup option added to Editor
    Added: GetModINIParam Sail commands
    Added: Past error into Error log (for better tracking)
    Added: Replacing layer for Russian interface (Fixed issue when polish had alaskyt instead alaskit), also now replacing EON to TAWAR and other pairs in different languages
    Added: Buildings editor (buded.exe) now can export images of all buildings, also there button for ping background without shadows
    Changed: Icon system (vehicles and buildings) - Now is shared between all nations (with own background) and in better quality
    Changed: Arabs have own background on panel units
    Changed: New horse portrait
    Changed: Restored original Campaign units balance
    Improved: Pathfinding now able to find longer distance do routes
    Improved: New diplomacy offers (redesign)
    Fixed: Environment causing building not to be placed on map load
    Fixed: SetSide sail command now effects Behemoth's weapons
    Fixed: Achiev's scrollbar issue (infinity scrolling)
    Fixed: firstSettings - when changed language cause error, also caused flip classic-modern texts
    Fixed: white texture in some places after start the game
    Fixed: Polish text (dialogs and subtitles)
    Removed: all "/alaskite" from all language from command buttons and hints texts
    Added: ModDir variable to SAIL
    Fixed: OWorkshop progress bar bug when mods are over 2GB
    Fixed: No Face with exclamations
    Fixed: infinite loop when resolving counters
    Fixed: wri loading code clipping last character
    Added: SayEX sail command
    Added: SayRadioNoFace sail command
    Added: ForceSleep sail command
    Added: EvacuateBuilding sail event
    Added: Fallback for creature faces to use RU or AM
    Added: Complete Slovak Localization
    Fixed: Fixed Loading Screens using AM01 for all missions
    Fixed: profilename sail variable now uses profile name rather than directory name
    Fixed: when after changed gametype with random nations onto non-random nations caused unable allow nations
    Fixed: creating Fixed AI
    Fixed: teams icons
    Fixed: specific issue when you can have different Nation interface than Alien in main menu
    Changed: Relocated components help to the area above the facepanel
    Implemented: Say commands can now hide face and name
    Added: Alternative Factory UI
    Added: Ability for ForceScreenshots
    Bug Fix: Frogs no longer display Level in info
    Bug Fix: Misc Bugs Fixed
    Added: Alternative Factory UI (WIP)
    Added: Frog model (by Jacok)
    Added: Update System
    Added: SAIL Events (OilExtracted and SibExtracted)
    Added: SAIL Functions (ForceExclamation, UnitInBattle and InitHc_All)
    Bug Fix: OW now looks inside AR folder for Arabian exclamations
    Bug Fix: Misc bug fixes
    Bug Fix: Fixed bug with Rewarding Units screen
    Changed: Redesigned Modern UI
    Changed: Multiplayer IRC Lobby now using irc.owsupport.com
    Bug Fix: Fixed bug with save games and saving maps in editor (Introduced in 302)
    Added: Ability to compile all maps SAIL in editor
    Added: Flamethrowers can now have two turrets (Modding)
    Added: New SAIL Event for camera placement (Modding)
    Bug Fix: Fixed setting of speed in multiplayer
    Improved: Heightmap export speed increased in editor
    Added: TargetableSAIL button command
    Changed: Flamethrower now stops attacking if it destroys a tree
    Changed: Multiplayer chat stands out more
    Fixed: Alien Base Extended depot 4 was not spawning
    Fixed: ImageButtons now show correct image when parent is disabled
    Fixed: Save Dialog now disables while saving/deleting
    Fixed: Latest multiplayer fixes
    Added: New map added - Alien Base #2 (Big Alien Base) by Gogeta & Serpent
    Added: New map added - Competitions by Gogeta
    Added: New map added - Big Circle by Gogeta & Serpent
    Fixed: Am11 artifact dialog freeze [Issue #659]
    Fixed: Latest multiplayer fixes
    Changed: Fishes removed from flags map
    Multiple LUA fixes
    Latest Multiplayer fixes
    Added: Classic Menu (Work In Progress)
    Improved: Improved modern menu (Work In Progress)
    Fixed: Latest multiplayer fixes
    Added: FREQDELAY paramter for modders to change delay between burst shots
    Fixed: Latest multiplayer fixes
    Added: Two additional campaign slots for mods to use
    Added: Animated Tree option added to map options in editor
    Fixed: Profile directory should no longer be used for multiplayer name
    Fixed: Misc Bugfixes
    Added: New multiplayer map Mudbath
    Fixed: Dedicated Servers keeping match alive when only bots are present
    Fixed: Bots will now be kicked when map or gametype changes
    Fixed: Pointer error with image masks
    Fixed: Latest multiplayer fixes
    Added: Mastodons Trail by Gwrhkhsh(code by Tomasz)
    Added: Sync Squares added to multiplayer room
    Added: Round and Trunc commands to SAIL
    Fixed: Bug which corrupted american campaign saves
    Fixed: Latest Multiplayer fixes
    Improved: Multiplayer code improvments
    Improved: Video system improvements

    Rocky Land:
    - Waterfall animations fixed

    Balance changes - check BalanceChangelog.txt

    Flags (by Tomasz):
    - Build Time zone(top right base) corrected
    - Possible exit with wheeled tanks on the right side from the top center position(players decide yes/no)

    - New map: Mastodons Trail by Gwrhkhsh(code by Tomasz)
    - A library People_respawning has been added to almost every map
    - Tree animation has been activated on Rocky Land
    - Build Time zone(right middle and right bottom) corrected on Siberia
    - Removal of unused: DayNight.src, crates_loading.src, crates_loading_ii.src, respawning, colors_night.txt with map
    - obnova.src removed on Night Fight map(Replaced with library People_respawning)

    Mastodons Trail (by Tomasz):
    - More trees added
    - Crate materialization changed
    - Second oil depot added
    - Second sib depot added
    - Sheik person for Arabians added(As an option)
    - More Mastodons added(As an option)

    Table Mountain (by Tomasz):
    - Position of the houses on the minimap(lobby) has been corrected
    - Tree animation has been activated

    The US_BuilUp.src library has been updated
    The US_Init_Resp.src library has been updated
    The US_MP_Inicialization.src library has been updated
    A new East versus West mode has been added to The Abyss map
    Fixed: Spectator sees fog buildings on minimap
    Fixed: When Character Select screen shows it has ok button disabled even if conditions are met
    Fixed: Latest Multiplayer fixes
    Fixed: Misc fixes

    Materialization fixed on the map Bloody Valley (by Tomasz)
    Multidesc Kill 'em all max players fixed on the map Flags (by Tomasz)
    Fixed: Latest Multiplayer map fixes
    Fixed: Remote mines now hidden from spectator
    Fixed: Save games causing crash
    Fixed: Theora videos audio and video not in sync
    Improved: LIMITMOUSE3 parameter now works on windows
    Added: Spectator bar
    Added: latency pings
    Fixed: Multiple multiplayer map fixes
    Fixed: Bug with listboxes
    Fixed: Multiplayer base names showing invalid characters
    Improved: Increase limits of voices & exclamations probability [Issue #579]
    Improved: Expanded AI settings on maps which support it
    Fixed: Multiple multiplayer map fixes
    Fixed: Ru12a - Gossudarov block [Issue #626]
    Fixed: Spectator fixes
    Improved: Spectator now works on all maps
    Fixed: Ru06 - Achiv additional condition [Issue #625]
    Fixed: Multiplayer fixes - Alien Base, Flags, Siberia, Bloody Valley, Wilderness, Rocky Land [Issue #623]
    Fixed: Additional Serpent Fixes which were not put on the bug tracker so you get this message instead :P
    Fixed: Ru15 - medal condition [Issue #617]
    Fixed: Am13a/Ru13a - Base Name missing [Issue #618]
    Fixed: Joining Multiplayer match fails to join when different mod is used [Issue #622]
    Fixed: Multiplayer fixes - Alien Base, Flags, Siberia, Bloody Valley, Wilderness, Rocky Land [Issue #623]
    Improved: Legacy Mod Main Menu GUI [Issue #619]
    Improved: Make Spectators use a new Side [Issue #620]
    Improved: Implement improved profile system [Issue #621]
    Fixed: [multiplayer, SGUI] Allied victory tickbox [Issue #607]
    Fixed: Ru05, Ru06, AM15 [Issue #612]
    Fixed: SetSide can cause Sync Loss in Multiplayer Game [Issue #614]
    Fixed: Ru08 - people stay on a vacation [Issue #615]
    Fixed: Animal names [Issue #600]
    Fixed: Ru12a - Achiv conditions fix [Issue #606]
    Fixed: Small Maps can have red areas at the sides [Issue #608]
    Fixed: With Japanese language base names show garbled characters [Issue #609]
    Fixed: ESC key opens menu while giving orders [Issue #610]
    Fixed: Multiplayer Loading screen doesn't go away [Issue #611]
    Fixed: AM04 achievement [Issue #613]
    Fixed: loading a save when user profile has alot causes crash [Issue #601]
    Fixed: OW tools show memory leak information on exit [Issue #602]
    Fixed: ESC stops bringing up menu after loading save which is outdated [Issue #603]
    Added: Memory Usage added to FPS counter
    Fixed: Miscs bug with Campaign Tree
    Fixed: Ru08, Ru11 - Achiv conditions [Issue #599]
    Fixed: Memory Usage indicators now work (Map Editor)
    Fixed: Ru02 - Bielkov tank bug [Issue #593]
    Fixed: Ru02, Ru03 - Dangerous oil barrels [Issue #594]
    Fixed: When Resolution is not set the game has a window height of zero [Issue #595]
    Fixed: Mission Tree creates new branch even if there is no next mission [Issue #597]
    Fixed: Dedicated Server Crash [Issue #598]
    Improved: Make Load/Save dialogs stagger the loading of save preview images [Issue #596]
    Added: PRESS A KEY on loading screens
    Added: Dedicated Server option to make first client able to change settings
    Changed: BName increased from 9 to 20 characters
    Fixed: bug with american depot not being upgradable
    Fixed: bug with reward screen on higher resolutions (Buttons not being clickable)
    Fixed: bug with character selection screen on higher resolutions
    Fixed: Ru12 - Platonov freeze [Issue #592]
    Improved: Character Selection and Reward Screens sort now uses faster sort
    Added: Holding middle mouse button and dragging will now move the screen
    Changed: SetLives will now limit the amount of HP set to a maximum of the units maxhealth
    Fixed: Selection bug relating to command panel buttons
    Improved: Enchance SetMark function for additional flag colours [Issue #519]
    Added: FORCEDUBBINGLANG parameter
    Added: VehicleRecycled Event [Issue #408]
    Added: SAIL - IsInvisible
    Fixed: LIMITMOUSE causes game to hang [Issue #588]
    Fixed: AM07 Steam Achievements
    Changed: Faces of units now have a larger maximum size in unit lists
    Added: Sort for unit face panels
    Fixed: Ru12a - cannot complete the mission [Issue #590]
    Fixed: Memory overflow introduced in
    Fixed: Error in czech tooltip for placing turret weapon [Issue #382]
    Fixed: AutoEnemy needs to be switched back on (RU07) [Issue #496]
    Fixed: Fixes for AM10_cont, AM14 and AM15 [Issue #498]
    Fixed: Fixed prakun model [Issue #500]
    Fixed: Fixes for Am09 [Issue #502]
    Fixed: Fixes for AM06_cont and AM12 [Issue #510]
    Fixed: Fixes for Am08 [Issue #512]
    Fixed: Fixes for Ru05 [Issue #513]
    Fixed: (Multiplayer) Rocky Pass, Wilderness [Issue #520]
    Fixed: Am 03, Ru 02, 03, 05, 08 [Issue #524]
    Fixed: Ru 03, 11, 13, 14, 15 [Issue #525]
    Fixed: Ru 06, 12a [Issue #526]
    Fixed: Ru 04, 05, 08, 10 [Issue #533]
    Fixed: Cinematics skip - music still playing [Issue #547]
    Fixed: AM 11_Cont doesn't end when objectives complete [Issue #561]
    Fixed: Am10_cont - invalid chassis [Issue #563]
    Fixed: Am09_cont - missing dialog and disabled barracks [Issue #564]
    Fixed: Am15a - missing Coonie Travers [Issue #565]
    Fixed: Ru10 - InGameOn bug [Issue #566]
    Fixed: Ru11 - units can't move [Issue #567]
    Fixed: Ru09_cont - water issue [Issue #568]
    Fixed: Ru02 - how to kill Platonov [Issue #569]
    Fixed: Am12 - Fail retreat [Issue #570]
    Fixed: Am11_cont - starting scene and polish dialogs fix [Issue #571]
    Fixed: Am09_cont - disabled barracks after arabs barracks build [Issue #572]
    Fixed: Ru03 - missing dialog | attacking Omicron by barracks | blockade in Kirov [Issue #573]
    Fixed: Ru10 - Vsevolod blockade in intro [Issue #574]
    Fixed: Ru08 - delete Masha variable if Masha not exist [Issue #575]
    Fixed: Am07_cont - missing medals descriptions [Issue #576]
    Fixed: Am09_cont - infinity loop while arabian barracks construct [Issue #577]
    Fixed: Am11_cont - two times ending mission [Issue #578]
    Fixed: Am13a - killable Gossudarov squad members [Issue #581]
    Fixed: Ru02 - build lab and workshop objective [Issue #582]
    Fixed: Ru03 - kirov mechanics stuck [Issue #584]
    Fixed: Am15a | Ru15a - americans cannot rebuild sib mines [Issue #585]
    Fixed: Am15 - Bugs [Issue #586]
    Fixed: Am02 - JMM squad dead on mission start [Issue #587]
    Improved: Remade OW Intro [Issue #562]
    Improved: Allow multiple buildings to be placed when SHIFT key is held [Issue #532]
    Improved: Make Flamethrower Destroy Environment and Burn Grass [Issue #543]
    Improved: Add SAIL Libraries inside mod directory [Issue #544]
    Improved: Editor - Inspect Profile Tool [Issue #553]
    Improved: GUI Replaced with SGUI
    Vložil: zoNE , dne 25 Pro 2019, 23:11
    Naposledy upraveno 08 Dub 2022, 20:03
  • Patch to BETA (Requires:

    Changelog (https://wiki.owsupport.com/index.php?title=Patches)
    Added: List of Building in Active Area menu option to editor
    Added: CLOTHES setting for people.txt
    Bug Fix: Prevent editor from allowing larger environment objects to be placed in areas they should not be allowed
    Bug Fix: Fix for locking cutscene speed which failed on some maps
    Changed: Mods can now have more than 3 difficulty levels for missions
    Changed: Dedicated Servers ran by the Dedicated Server Manager will terminate their process after completing a match
    Added: Artillery Weapon Type
    Added: Select and Death sounds for human units can now be set
    Added: New SAIL Events - CommandUnitXY, ClassChanged, TakeMaterials, SailEventCustom
    Added: New SAIL Functions - SetBuildingStage, IgnoreSideSettingsCRC, RaiseSailEventCustom, SetCanUseMines
    Added: System to regulate ticks for multiplayer games
    Added: Ability to reveal secret achievement descriptions
    Bug Fix: Reduced memory leaks
    Changed: Increased Upgrade Levels from 3 to 10
    Changed: Waves can now be rendered with shorter paths
    Added: Ability for GroundAnim fps to be set
    Added: Custom Animation for units
    Added: Head turning while no activity
    Added: Targetable SAIL command
    Added: Ability for vehicle weapons to not allow construction based on controller type
    Added: Option to disable Original War from centering your view in multiplayer when there is a Siberite Explosion
    Added: Multiplayer map WRI files can now have options disabled
    Added: Skinned chat box
    Added: Added mute player to chat box
    Added: Added limit cursor into ingame options
    Changed: Multiplayer map options are now ordered based on their position in the WRI
    Changed: Vehicle and Building backgrounds are now seperate for easier modding
    Changed: Editor no longer tries to use Original War folder over OWP files
    Changed: Increased max GroundAnim amount
    Changed: Dedicated Server Manager overhauled
    Changed: Trees changed in Mudbath multiplayer map
    Changed: Fish removed from lake in Flags multiplayer map
    Bug Fix: Workshops no longer get disabled when there is no power
    Bug Fix: Fixed bug which crashed dedicated servers when reading certain map WRIs
    Bug Fix: Multiplayer Ape script fixed
    Bug Fix: Removed bots from recipients
    Bug Fix: Fixed lua error in options
    Bug Fix: Potential fix for issue with spectator bar when not all players are showed
    Bug Fix: Missing bot ready texture (for MP room)
    Vložil: zoNE , dne 16 Dub 2022, 11:33
    Naposledy upraveno 07 Led 2023, 09:47
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