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Throwback PL EN CZ FR

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Jméno souboru TB_Full_680_1270.exe
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Místa pro stažení
Throwback - version 6.8.0 FULL (original-war.net)
Recent version of Throwback Launcher (emersongames.cz)
(Externí zdroj)
Throwback Launcher v2.2 (original-war.net)

Autor: Freya Games

Verze: 6.8.0 FULL

Datum Vydání: 18.06.2007

Jazyky Móda: Polish, English, French and Czech

Režimy: Multiplayer, Single Player

Kampaň: Arabian

Počet Misí: N/A


Throwback expands game Original War in a high row, from the modification of original multiplayer maps, trough the new maps to whole new campaing.

It uncovers another layers of the dust from remains of thunder past, spinning like a wind around strategic material, catalyst of cold fusion, containing an incredible amount of energy and the origin is so mysteriou, as are his abilities.

Leaders of nations are now fighting on a completely unknown places, yet entirely irrelevant. New and new branches of alternate reality break away and join another, between the space and time they fight four absolutely identical groups of people, for an ancient artefact. Soldiers are on their own and forced to go through the wild, in constant danger from enemy attack. The new base is created and the fights are in the valleys full of death and on the crossroads and rivers.

A long time ago won battles flared again and again, manytime in a single moment, with different leaders and totally different people. It is now clear, that with the battle for the primary deposit is not the end fo the pas... way of the pas are really unpredictable.

However, it is necessary to go back to beginning, to the start. Because here we´re going to watch the mysterious figures of many languages with the same goal - destruction of primary deposit.

The modification includes the Arabian campaign, new multiplayer maps for both, odd and even number of players, missions from the original campaign, playable in multiplayer and multiplayer maps casually related the story campaign. All the nations are setting new power, balacned weapons, defence of the vehicles, etc.Arrabians get better for exaple with purposeful bulldozed and Russians get more powerful diesel power plant. This balance works both in multiplayer and campaign.

For successful installation installer file should be named 'throwback.exe'.

Launcher install into a folder OriginalWar. After installing Launcher and run in the bottom left corner, click to "Download update". Launcher downloads the main part throwback, then it just repeat the process until it is at this point says "Mod is update".

Current version: http://throwback.emersongames.cz/



Trvání hry:9/10
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» Obsah > Modifikace > Throwback PL EN CZ FR
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