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» Индекс > Old patches > Original War Patch 2 (by Altar) [2001-08-27]

Original War Patch 2 (by Altar) [2001-08-27]

Информация о файле
Имя файла ow-patch2[www.original-war.n
Размер файла 2.14 МБ
Предполагаемое время загрузки
  • 256 kbit/s: 1 мин 11 сек
  • 512 kbit/s: 36 сек
  • 1 mbit/s: 18 сек
  • 2 mbit/s: 9 сек
  • 4 mbit/s: 5 сек
  • 20 mbit/s: 1 сек
  • 100 mbit/s: 1 сек
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This patch fixes the following problems appearing in multiplayer game:

  • Empty combo boxes when playing over Internet and when the server computer is much slower than the client one;
  • "Synchronization lost" error message on maps with flying birds;
  • Minor glitches when typing messages to other players;
  • Problems with respawning of the people when the player has tamed Apemen, and some other minor issues on certain multiplayer maps.

!WARNING! This patch will change the version number of your installation of Original War and you will no longer be able to play multiplayer games with players who did not apply this patch.

» Индекс > Old patches > Original War Patch 2 (by Altar) [2001-08-27]
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