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Green Light PL EN

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Author: Prażanin, Serpent, Markedone, Nefarem

Version: 1.0

Release Date: 20.02.2020

Languages: Polish, English

Mode: Single player

Campaign: American

Number of Missions: 5


"One act can change the fate of the world. It's March 8, ERA + 2; the conflict over Siberite is entering an advanced phase. The Russians, much stronger and better equipped, are getting closer to achieving the final victory. The only chance for Americans in the war is a new, powerful weapon - a double laser, developed in a secret research center at Theta. The newly formed Experimental Division is stationed there, which aims to use new technology in battle. Among them were two sisters - Simone and Kathryn Gray. They are not yet aware of their role in upcoming events..."

The modification presents the story of the young captain Simone Gray, whose goal is to stop at all costs the Russian offensive threatening the Theta research center, where new types of weapons are being developed.

The mod includes:

  • Five American campaign missions providing several hours of fun.
  • New maps created using a new technique.
  • Captivating story and many different characters.
  • Three new chassis, one per nation, and new weapons for each faction.
  • Full Polish dubbing.


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