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Sand of Siberia PL EN

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Autor: Serpent, Nefarem, Prażanin

Version: 1.5.6

Release Date: 24.12.2015

Languages: Polish, English

Mode: Single player, Multiplayer

Campaign: American, Russian, Arabian

Number of Missions: 48


Required game version:

Sand of Siberia is a modification for Original War in development for 10 years now.

The primary goal of this modification is to expand the game's world and implement as many of the original ideas which failed to make it into the game's initial release as possible. As of right now the project consists of 45 scenarios divided into 3 campaigns and several skirmishes.

American campaign - An enhanced retelling of the story from the base game centered around John Macmillan and his journey into the past. One of the primary changes is an enhanced difficulty level and improvements to the AI which help make the enemies significantly less of a passive punching bag for the player. It's an excellent choice for anyone wanting to refresh their skills after years of not playing Original War.

Russian campaign - Much like the last campaign this one is an enhanced retelling of the story of Yuri Ivanovich Gorki, mechanic in the Soviet Red Army. As of right now the enhanced campaign consists of 4 missions with more to come.

Ares campaign - A completely new campaign, based to some extent on original notes regarding an Arabian campaign which didn't make it into the base game. Take on the role of Heike Steyer a mercenary employed by the Sheikhs to take part in the war for Siberite. The campaign features full Polish voice acting, with 5 of the 9 planned missions currently available to play.

Skirmish mode - A collection of single scenarios not linked to each other with any overarching plotline. Currently consists of 19 playable maps. Additionally the modification offers a brand new interface based on the classic interface known from older versions of the game.

Several new elements have also been included such as new weapons, items, flora and fauna. New music has also been added to the game's soundtrack.

The makers of this mod are currently planning further development for the project, for more information please visit sand-of-siberia.pl, or get in touch with us directly.




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