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Original Revamp International

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Author: 0dd1

Version: 2.1

Release Date: 29.04.2018

Mod Languages: All languages

Mode: Single Player

Campaign: Russian

Number of Missions: 15


The modification changes the orginal Russian campaign through a improvements to the mission scripts and hightr difficulty level.

At the moment the modification has improved basic missions and pro - russian missions.

Changes in mod:

  • Better AI in every mission, comparable to that of the Arabian Campaign.
  • Improved or added new medals/secondary missions where ideas were unused or poorly implemented ideas.
  • Fixed bugs, such as not saving secondary characters.
  • Some new (previously unused) sounds.
  • Apemans have more skill and are move between missions. They are more useful.
  • Masha now gets a unique bonus on armor and speed, depending on the chassis.
  • You can meet (and kill) characters from the opposite campaign.



Mechanics: 10/10
Graphics: 9/10
Playtime: 9/10
Sound: 8/10
Dialogues: 8/10
Total Score


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