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Patch to (Requires:

File details
File name OWPatch_2.0.6.132_TO_2.0.6.1
File size 31.46 MB
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  • 256 kbit/s: 17 min 11 sec
  • 512 kbit/s: 8 min 36 sec
  • 1 mbit/s: 4 min 24 sec
  • 2 mbit/s: 2 min 12 sec
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Changelog (https://wiki.owsupport.com/index.php?title=Patches#

Fixed: Fixed bug with Issue #464
Added: Expand Weapons (Issue #481)
Fixed: Access Violation at 00620E5E in OwarOGL ( (Issue #480)
Added: AddToLog for Editor (Issue #476)
Fixed: Access Violation at 005E003B in OwarOGL ( (Issue #472)
Fixed: Division by zero EAddress: 0061BA56 ( (Issue #473)
Fixed: Access Violation at 00625D61 in OwarOGL ( (Issue #479)
Improved: Modify CreateHuman so that invalid nation or sex for that class is automatically fixed (Issue #474)
Improved: Modify OW to send the 4 Settings in multiplayer while in the Game Room (Issue #478)
Fixed: Access Violation at 0059B435 in OwarOGL ( (Issue #467)
Added: Add Ability to use GMZ Extra Data for Muzzle Flashes (Issue #462)
Added: Make OW Read all OWPs in mod directory (Issue #464)
Added: Add Error Address to Index Out Of Bounds Errors (Issue #465)
Added: Add Custom Lasers (Issue #466)
» Index > Patches > Patch to (Requires:
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