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Cox And Moszna Adventures PL CZ EN

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Author: Creative

Version: 1.4.7

Release Date: 29.01.2016

Languages: Polish, English and Czech

Mode: Single player

Campaign: Arabian

Number of Missions: 14


My name is John, John Cox.

After arriving at the site, Alex told me that he belonged to an organization called Legion and they learned about the discovery of the so-called EON, by the Americans, he also believes that it back in time. That's exactly what we don't quite know yet. Americans are preparing expeditionary groups that will enter this device so together with a small group of people wants to penetrate their ranks and asked me for help, because he knows that he can trust me. It was a difficult decision for me but I agreed....

September 13, 1996 is my last entry in this time line. Together with Alex and four other people: Amanda Moszna, Demi Koch, Max Abdul and Karen Wola we go to a secret American base. Alex told me that if we are unmasked, he has to destroy this device, I hope it won't happen....



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» Индекс > Cox And Moszna Adventures PL CZ EN
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