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Absolute Dominion PL EN CZ

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Original-War.net (1.5.3 Enhanced Edition)
(Внешние зеркала)

Author: Nefarem

Version: 1.5.4 Enhanced Edition

Release Date: 29.11.2015

Languages: Polish, English and Czech

Mode: Single player

Campaign: Russian/Arabian

Number of Missions: 28


The modification of Absolute Dominion shows the desire of Russia to control the world.

To do this, they stepped back in time to protect their national good which is Alaskite .

They were aware of the presence of the Americans, but . . .

The Americans and the Russians didn't expect the appearance of the Arabs who came here to destroy the Siberite and secure the largest deposits of oil for themselves to have a monopoly on the raw material.

The modification provides two campaign and:

  • New vehicles.
  • The opportunity to participate in missions that are listed only in the original campaign.
  • New maps.
  • Meeting the characters from the original campaign.
  • And many others.
  • Avalaible languages: Polish, English, Czech (Translate in progress).
  • New 2 Russian missions (Retro missions).
  • Alliance missions.
  • New 5 Arabian missions.
  • New dialogs.
  • Improve AI.
  • New intro.
  • Change Alaskite Gun (Increased radiation damage by development Siberite technology.)
  • Extension missions.
  • New characters.
  • New easter eggs.
  • Change balans in missions.
  • Bug fixes from version 1.2.
  • Others.

In 2000 Russian expedition forces found a mysterious object. After many tests which were supervised by Professor Scholtze, object turned out to be a time maschine.

On the territory of Alaska they found a mineral which turned out to be a fuel for TAWAR. Unfortunately Alaska was under USA control, everything fell into place.

Russians caught on how USA became such a big world power. They decided to use TAWAR to go back in time and don’t allow Americans to seize Alaskite from their territories. If Russia controls Alaskite fields, it finally will be able to dominate a whole world.



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» Индекс > Absolute Dominion PL EN CZ
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