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  • Arabian campaign
    Unofficial add-on with the unfinished Arabian campaign, based off of Altar mission design. Mostly in the Czech language.

    This add-on only works on OW version 1.02 (Patch 2) or below. The installer overwrites data1.owp in the main directory of the game during installation without any backups. Backing up the file beforehand is strongly suggested, otherwise the only way to uninstall this datadisk will be to reinstall Original War.
    Vložil: zoNE , dne 18 Črv 2007, 09:12
    Naposledy upraveno 05 Črc 2010, 22:32
    Based on Altar's concept 
  • Bonus american mission
    An american add-on mission for OW 1.02 or lower. Mostly in Czech.
    Vložil: zoNE , dne 18 Črv 2007, 09:13
    Naposledy upraveno 05 Črc 2010, 22:34
    By Borz 
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