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There are three types of resources in Original War, which can be used for different purposes, such as construction and power generation. Some of these resources can be mined, others need to be hunted down or salvaged.

Crates - the most important resource. Crates contain supplies sent from the future to aid the warring nations in their campaigns. Due to the way EON works, crates can appear anywhere within a 10 mile radius from EON's position, and any time within the allowable 5 year margin of error for EON, thus forcing the competing armies to not only search but also race for the crates once they materialise. Crates can materialise in quantities from 10 to 50 units per drop.
Oil - main energy resource, it is required for basic base power generation purposes, as well as as fuel for most vehicles on the battlefield. It can be siphoned from the earth itself by way of oil drills, once a suitable oil deposit has been found by a scientist.
Siberite (Alaskite) - the element over which the whole war has actually started. Siberite is a nigh inexhaustible fuel source, and (just like oil) it can be extracted using specialised mines. It can then be used for the construction of power generators and vehicle engines, both of which will be vastly superior to any other power generation technology available to all the nations.

All of these resources are stored in the depot/warehouse. They can be transported around the battlefield by way of being carried by engineers (10 units per person) or transport trucks (max. 100 units per vehicle).

Author: zoNE
Translation: Yuri_S
» Index > Indepth > Resources
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