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Ingame Quotes


2 missions:

Cyrus Parker: Great idea! We’re outgunned and outnumbered, at last we die heroes!
Bobby Brandon: It’s crazy, if we kill their guys we’ve got to wait for their friends to come looking?! Let’s put a bullet in our brains now?
Lisa Lawson: Size of yours it’d be hard to hit.

Mikhail Berezov: I like American, hamburger, good food...

3 mission:

Henry Lynch: Lieutenant, let me introduce the best scout the force has ever known. Corporal Forsyth. He can take pictures inside your ass and you wouldn’t even know!
John Macmillan: Do you do anything more useful Forsyth?

5. missinon:

John Macmillan:If anyone doesn't know, this is Tim Gladstone.br> Frank Forsyth: Tarzan returns!

Tim Gladstone: Native tribes have been driven there by the war.
Frank Forsyth: And we’re going to take off our gear and join them!? No way!
Lisa Lawson: Jesus sir. You’re going to make soldiers out of them, they’re half-human.
Frank Forsyth: That’s a step up from you.

Tim Gladstone: They’re more intelligent than you think, they have primitive kind of speech and use simple tools...
Frank Forsyth: Officer material!

Frank Forsyth: No wonder we caught the Apeman, without glasses he couldn’t see us coming.
Denis Peterson: His eyesight’s good as anyone’s, he just thinks they make him sexy!

6. mission:

Frank Forsyth: Hey guys, what do you call an Apeman with bananas in his ears...?

John Macmillan: Denis? What the hell are you doing on foot?
Denis Peterson: Couldn’t get me and the mastodon in the same vehicle!
John Macmillan: You ran one of those things down?
Denis Peterson: No. I kind of hit it and stopped. Then he stomped the roof in. Insurance here must cost more than back home!
John Macmillan: Come on, let’s get you working before you do any more damage!

Other AM:

Scientist: A monkey wants a banana?


4. misja:

Major D. N. Platonov: What the hell you are doing, comrade Gorky?
Y. I. "Burlak" Gorky: I thought this was what you sent comrade Major.
Major D. N. Platonov: Use your eyes next time Comrade Gorky. Don’t let it happen again.


13. AM mission:

Sheikh Omar Shariff: You contact us to make some stupid joke colonel!? I will give you nothing you piece of Yankee shit.
Sheikh Omar Shariff: If you want this thing so bad then I will destroy it sooner than give it to you. If you don’t know that then you are dumber than my mastodon.

12. RU mission:

Soldier: Comrade Major Gorky. Please come with us.
Y. I. "Burlak" Gorky: No problem. I just have to do something first.
Soldier: What is it you need to do comrade?
Y. I. "Burlak" Gorky: Blow your ass away!

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