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Campaign bases

During the campaign we will encounter a number of bases, both friendly and enemy. This article will outline the most important bases.

American bases

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  1. Alpha
  2. Beta
  3. Gamma
  4. Delta
  5. Epsilon
  6. Kappa
  7. Omicron

Russian bases

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  1. S. M. Kirov
  2. L. P. Beria
  3. V. I. Lenin
  4. V. A. Ovsyenko
  5. M. N. Tukhachevsky
  6. L. D. Trotsky
  7. A. I. Yegorov
  8. M. N. Ryutin
  9. Y. E. Yakir
  10. M. A. Budonny
  11. V. K. Bluekher

Arabian bases

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  1. New Kabul

Alliance bases

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  1. Freedom

Aside from the listed ones, the campaign also features smaller, more temporary bases which are not crucial objectives within the campaign itself.

Naming conventions

Each base has a different naming convention based on the nation it was built by:

Americans - uses the letters of the greek alphabet as base names (eg. Alpha, Beta, Gamma).

Russians - bases are named after well known heroes of the state, both past and present (eg. S. M. Kirov [from: Sergei Mironovich Kirov], V. I. Lenin [from: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin]).

Arabs - they name their bases after major islamic cities, but adding the prefix "New" to distinct the base from the actual location (eg. New Kabul).

Alliance - use words of idealistic values, in this case pertaining to progress and independence (eg. Freedom).

Building bases

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Some campaign missions set a goal of founding or building up a primary base which will have a certain impact on the progression of the story. Primary bases are denoted by their base name being shown on top of their depot or warehouse. A primary base can be destroyed by eliminating that depot or warehouse.

If a mission goal requires building up a base from scratch, the depot must be placed in the selected area in order to be recognised as the centrepoint of the new base.

Only one depot can be part of a primary base. If another is built nearby, it will not be counted as part of that particular base (it will not have the base's name placed on top of it).

Bases in the campaigns

In each campaign certain missions will require an attack, defense or expansion of at least some primary bases. Bases especially featured in the two campaigns are listed below.

American campaign:

  • American Base - Alpha
  • American Base - Gamma
  • American Base - Delta
  • American Base - Epsilon
  • American Base - Kappa
  • Russian Base - V. A. Ovsyenko
  • Russian Base - M. N. Tukhachevsky
  • Alliance Base - Freedom

Russian campaign:

  • American Base - Beta
  • American Base - Omega
  • American Base - Epsilon
  • Russian Base - S. M. Kirov
  • Russian Base - L. P. Beria
  • Russian Base - V. I. Lenin
  • Russian Base - V. A. Ovsyenko
  • Russian Base - L. D. Trotsky
  • Russian Base - A. I. Yegorov
  • Russian Base - M. N. Ryutin
  • Russian Base - Y. E. Yakir
  • Russian Base - M. A. Budonny
  • Russian Base - V. K. Bluekher
  • Arabian Base - New Kabul
  • Alliance Base - Freedom

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