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Alien Artifacts


EON/TAWAR - the very device the discovery of which started the whole siberite/alaskite affair. This machine allows for a one-way trip for any human and any things he can carry 2 million years back in time with a precision range of five years. It uses siberite as its fuel supply, which - to the respective nations in their future timelines - is in rather short supply. They all use this supply to send as many soldiers back in time as possible, and hope for a decisive victory.
  • Capacity: 1 person max.
  • Defence: 3238.
Alien Structure
Alien Structure - allows for mass teleportation of groups of units into a specified location. It is discovered by the end of the Alliance campaign, and requires the teleportation artifact, and the "Mass Teleportation" technology in order to be available for use. This structure is built from Alien materials, and thus is extremely resistant to damage, even to a direct siberite bomb hit. When used, all units in the proximity of the building will be teleported to the targetted destination. However, due to large siberite energy demands, the structure can only be used once during the final battle.
  • Capacity: 6 people max.
  • Defence: 3238.


Vision Artifact - the so-called eagle eye, using which we can research the "Vision" technology in the American laboratory with a optics upgrade. After researching this technology, we have the ability to reveal a limited portion of the map for a short amount of time.
In multiplayer mode it has an additional function, allowing for the research of "siberite contamination" in an american laboratory with a siberite upgrade, and allows the destruction of any siberite field on the map in the same way the Arabs are able to.
The ID of this artifact in the map editor is number 3.
Detonation Artifact - using this artifact we can research the technology "Siberite detonation" within the Russian laboratory with a siberite upgrade. Once the technology is researched, the laboratory then gains the ability to destroy any single vehicle or structure on the map that contains larger quantities of siberite. This includes vehicles with siberite engines as well as siberite mines and power plants. The laboratory is only able to use this ability for as long as the artifact is near it.
The ID of this artifact in the map editor is number 4.
Teleportation Artifact - an important artifact which allows the "Mass Teleportation" research path, and subsequently the large scale teleporation of any select group of units to any destination. It activates the research path when placed nearby the Alien Structure.
The ID of this artifact in the map editor is number 5.
Multiplayer Artifact - these artifacts are only seen in multiplayer mode on the map Stonehenge. They need to be captured and researched as one of the victory conditions for that particular map.
The ID of this artifact in the map editor is number 1.
Unknown Artifact - an artifact not seen or used in the Original War campaign.
The ID of this artifact in the map editor is number 2.

Author: zoNE
Translation: Yuri_S
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