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USA Walkthrough

Mission 1: Surprise Party

When you land and make contact with Powell, run west into the forest to avoid Russian units incoming from the east. When you are safe go further west and meet Bobby Brandon. Afterwards go to the northeast and meet Cyrus Parker. Ignore the voice that gives you directions because its a Russian soldier leading you into a trap. Don't make contact with Powell, it will attract some Russians to your position. Go with your group toward the end zone. There you will see two Russian soldiers, so kill them using Parker and Macmillan. Don't attack with Brandon because he is already injured, and will die quickly.

Mission Objectives:

  • Survive.
  • Try to join forces with the other two men in the area and break through together.
  • Reach the Top Right corner of the map.

Mission 2: Stealing the Steel

Go north and meet Lisa Lawson's crew and scientist Paul Khattam. Cross the river and rescue one soldier. Go from the south towards the east to reach the first Russian base. Get into the Russian vehicles before the enemy drivers can, so that hopefully you can steal both. Capture the storage and attack second base that is to the north of the first base. Once you take it over, a mechanic called Berezov will land near your location. Don't kill him, interrogate him and transport to your storage. Don't forget to keep a guard unit near the storage so that your prisoner doesn't escape. Soon two Russian trucks will arrive, try to destroy them both. Take as many crates as you can and transport them to east base. Then wait for Powell and mission is complete.

Mission Objectives:

  • Capture the Russian depots in the area.
  • Wait for further instructions.
  • Join the other US soldiers in the area.
  • Gather as many crates as you can from the north east base and take them to the northern base.
  • Take a prisoner to the Northern depot and keep him there.

Mission 3: Breaking Through

First go to north-east base. Cover russians attacks. After some time when you meet Frank Forsyth he will be in your base. Then go Fast to flash zone. But look out because it is in russian base and they have lot of defence towers.

Mission Objectives:

  • Reach the South West base.
  • Wait for the signal to attack.
  • Research solar powered engines and try to construct your first American vehicle.
  • Reach the Northern edge of the map with John and at least 4 members of your party.
  • Try to get at least one of the solar vehicles behind the front line.
  • Reach the Northern edge of the map with the fewest casualties possible.

Mission 4: Baptism by Fire

Upgrade workshop, build oil rafinery and produce few tanks. Then attack russians base placed down site of yours. Capture storage from that base and if oil rafinery or oil plant is not builded build them. Rescue specials units and run out russians form better secured base placed down of rusian best way is to kill scientist and then everything is easy.

Mission Objectives:

  • Defend the base.
  • Build a second oil drilling tower and oil power plant.
  • Drive all Russian units from the area.

Mission 5: Soul of the Apeman

Build base called Delta in good place to defence, because you will have some little arabian attacks. Research apeman tame and their psychic technologies. Then tame at least five apemans and make engenery of them.

Mission Objectives:

  • Tame an Apeman and turn him into an engineer.
  • Train at least five Apemen engineers.
  • Research Radar.
  • Try to build at least one vehicle or turret with a radar.

Mission 6: From the Future with Love

Build base buy look out coz near is russian base too. Collect at least 500 box in 50 minutes. Then people will appear so rescue them. Then research radar and build two vehicles with radar. Its good idea to build some defenece towers and some on left side of the river.

Mission Objectives:

  • Build a base.
  • Gather at least 700 crates in 50 minutes.
  • Save as many men as you can.
  • Gather as many crates as you can.
  • (John’s personal) Don’t allow Joan be killed.
  • Produce and test at least two remote controlled vehicles.

Mission 7: Payback Time

First of all go to north-west and destroy russians storage, but look out of computer defence towers. But if you capture storage defence tower are no danger any more. Then keep going to south-west side, then east and destroy storege of main russian base, but there are some towers too. And then before 30 minutes past, you have to destroy as many buildings as you can. And for the end retret to end zone where you have started the mission.

Mission Objectives:

  • Infiltrate the Russian base and destroy the main warehouse, as quickly as possible.
  • Destroy as much of the base as possible.
  • Finish your task quickly and return to the Northern edge of the map.

Mission 8: Natural Born Heroes

Take control of base. And repair damaged building because they are important to cover russians attacks. And on end when you get backup from Sikorski run out russians from their base.

Mission Objectives:

  • Protect the base.
  • Together with major Sikorski's team drive Russians from map. Put yourself in the lead, Sikorski as an old-school soldier and he believes the commander should be in the first line with his men.

Mission 9: Siberite!

First build terminal and armory bets two in clifs they will be used for defence and laboratory. Research as Fast as you can Syberyt . Serach for Syderyt sources they are somewhere in middle and build there second sorage and Syberyt mine. It deliver 60 crystals in terminal. Then go to already captured base by Owsjenki crew its in south-east of terminal. Mine at least 150 Syberyt crystals and transport them to terminal. And retreat to north.

Mission Objectives:

  • Join the soldiers who captured the deposit.
  • Recommence Siberite mining.
  • Wait for further orders.
  • Mine as much Siberite as possible (at least 200 crystals).
  • Wait for further instructions.
  • Mine as much Siberite as possible (at least 250 crystals).
  • Transport at least 60 Siberite crystals to the terminal.
  • Withdraw your forces Northward.
  • Transport as much of the Siberite mined to the terminal.

Mission 10: Genie in a Bottle

First build base Epsilon and two laboratories and it is good idea to build some bunkers and amory in centem of arabian base. Research all avalible Syteryt technologies and laser gun and AI. Cover russians attack that will be stronger every time. After that arabians will run to their barracks place your soldiers in bunkers and barracks. If you have barracks so change them for snipers and kill arabians.

Mission Objectives:

  • Construct a base.
  • Build a Siberite laboratory and supply it with power.
  • Research all available Siberite technologies.
  • Research laser sights.
  • Research artificial intelligence.
  • Protect your base at all costs.
  • Kill renegade Arab scientists.

Mission 11: Arabian Question

First destroy arrabs and raze their base placed in nort-west (form south side). Take with you artefact to your base. In faktory build truck with syberyt engine and put that truck under tree. Create snipest and shoot mechanics in defence towers and then destroy base.

Mission Objectives:

  • Capture the base.
  • Destroy all other Arabian bases.
  • Try to do it as fast as you can.
  • Protect the artefact until end of mission.
  • Drive a truck with a siberite engine to the tree indicated.

Mission 12: Fox Hunting

Build good base in south and build rafinery and mines. Arabians will offer you dwóch help so akcept it. Take with you two (or more) snipers and doctors to secont cross where you have to take out bazooka soldiers. You have to capture first base. Destroy completly base and kill scientists.

Mission Objectives:

  • Destroy the Russian Siberite weapons lab.
  • Ensure no Russian scientists escape.
  • Inspect the strange Russian device.

Mission 13: Original Cold War

Build base in south center to cover arabians attacks. Then you have to build syberyt bomb plus vehicle with radar, buildings . In right place drop syderyt bomb. Send scientist in that area and put him back in laboratory.

Mission Objectives:

  • Construct a Siberite rocket.
  • Protect Hugh Stevens.
  • Stop Y. I. Gorky.
  • Build a warehouse and a barracks (both upgraded) in the outlined area.
  • The Siberite rocket must not fall into enemy hands.
  • Prepare a vehicle with a radar to monitor the explosion.
  • Fire the Siberite rocket at the warehouse to test it.
  • Place a vehicle with a radar on the top of the northern ridge to monitor the warehouse during the explosion.
  • One scientist must get to the marked area and then return to the Siberite lab.

Mission 14: One on One

Go to Delta base in north and research two lasers (then build them) and drive to north-east. Along the way, destroy the Russian base.

Mission Objectives:

  • Reach the Upper Right hand corner of map with John Macmillan in a vehicle.
  • Save the base and eliminate Russian forces in the area.
  • Protect Joan.
  • Protect Lisa (if she does not mention Joan again).
  • Protect Connie.
  • Build two vehicles with a double-laser.

Mission 15: Final Countdown

In this mission you have to be hury. Powell has hestroyed Legion factory. Your task is to kill some people from Legino and then he will surrender. When Stevens coms, research quick syberyt bomb. Hurry and biuld that bomb or you will have russians syberyt bomb. Build additional two syderyt bombs drop them on ally force and attack russians form south side.

Mission Objectives:

  • Defend the cliff over Powell's base.
  • Gain control of siberite Motherlode.
  • Capture the Alliance leader Peter Roth.
  • Destroy Legion before they manage to build the Siberite rocket.
  • Try to cancel the Russian secret project.
  • Kill sheikh Omar. Protect the motherlode.

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