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Original War "2v2 Tournament" (2021)


Organization: Livid
Form: 2v2
Registration: Livid's Discord channel
Date: 31.01.2021

Maps available in the tournament:

1. Alien Base (positions: any but players of one team must start on touching positions so that there is no rival from the other team between them)
2. Babylon (positions: any, the map will be played with artifacts)
3. Bloody valley (positions: east vs west, tree bonus will be active)
4. ForestLand (positions: any)
5. Four to Win (positions: any)
6. Highlands (positions: any)
7. Mudbath (Positions: east vs. west)
8. Rocky Pass (Positions: east vs. west within 3 positions on one side any selection)
9. The Abbys (positions: east vs. west)

Banning and map selection rules:

1. Banning phase - the teams take turns banning 3 maps of their choice, the team which is higher in the ladder.
2. Selection phase - the teams choose one map each, the team which banned second starts.
3. The play phase - the order of maps will be determined by their selection (the first selected map will be the first to be played).

As for the final - selection and bans will be adequate to the rest, except that 2 maps will be banned and 2 will be selected (also alternately). The rest of the rules remain the same.

Streaming delay:

3 min - possibly to be changed in the following days of the tournament.

Map settings:

Base level: Depot only
Skill level: Experienced
Shipments Density: 100% or high (depending on the map)
Extra Oil deposits: none
Extra Siberite deposits: none
Build Up Time: 0 min
Siberite Bomb: 0 min each (available from the very beginning of the game)
Amount of Apemen: Medium
People Respawning: Rare or 50% (depending on the map)


Team 1 (PoloCzech ): @Noxar and @Devio
Team 2 (Laserowe HG) : @Wiktormm and @Thangir
Team 3 (Puckie parówy): @Pan Janusz (Pan Kacper) and @Pezecik
Team 4 (OW 4ever): @Tomasz and @Marszal
Team 5 (Zielony laser kontratakuje): @DJDAREK1 and @Bren
Team 6 (ArCamperzy): @Serpent and @Zhuruckas
Team 7 (Zaskoczenie które cię Zmiażdży): @Sylwek Zło and @NeTeKs
Team 8 (Team D. N. Płatonow) @Platonov and @Jakes

Best actions!


Day #1

Team D. N. Płatonow vs PoloCzech
Zielony Laser Kontratakuje vs OW 4ever

Day #2

Laserowe HG vs ArCamperzy
Puckie parówy vs Zaskoczenie które cię Zmiażdży

Day #3

PoloCzech vs Arcamperzy
Puckie parówki vs OW 4ever

Day #4

Grand Finale: ArCamperzy vs OW 4ever
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