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Multiplayer Ranking

Speedrun (Category: Any% - RU Campaign)

Any% - RU Campaign Rules:

1. Time starts on clicking "Run" in the "New Campaign" window with "New Campaign" selected and ends on the main character final dialogue
2. Play on any difficulty and game speed mode you want
3. Timed via RTA (you count loading times, cutscenes etc. to your total run time)
4. Don't use glitches, bugs, cheats and mods
5. Pausing is allowed, but discouraged
6. Save and load is allowed, so long as it's in the same attempt

Category: Any% - RU Campaign
Position Players Speedrun time Date
1 pl Bren 1h 38m 51s 2020-07-26
2 pl Nefarem 2h 42m 34s 2018-02-16
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